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HSOrlandos 2013 Journal: Being vegan in a non vegan world

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My recent journal name is not inspiring me! Maybe I shouldn't have jinxed it. Have not gotten to the gym since Friday, which equals bad, bad, bad! But on the plus side i did run twice last week, and weight trained 3 times, and didn't go to Drunken Monkey as much. So that shows some progress, I hope.

I'm a big fat liar! I didn't spin today because I had to buy a gift for my brothers fiance, and then we had a party for her.

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Sometimes I feel like the Universe is against me getting to the gym. My stomach was just hurting me all day, but I made myself go to the gym anyway. Step was awesome, I've missed a week of Step and Body Pump classes, and it was so good to b back. I also didn't feel like doing all the plyometric jumps, and jumping jacks, but the workout was still great. The abs about killed me though!

I wasn't about to use the excuse of being tired keep me out of Body Pump, but I did go very light in weight. It was still a tough workout though, and the squats were pretty hard.

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walked a mile and a half to gym

Over 90 degrees today, so my run was quite short. Got back to the gym, and air conditioning, which is a lovely invention, and hit the weights. 3 sets 8 reps on everything

chest press-20lb db

one arm back rows- 20lb db

incline chest press- 30lb barbell

deadlifts-30lb bb

pec flys- 12lb db (too easy)

bent over rows- 12lb db(too easy)

push ups w/ legs on pilates ball

shrugs w/smith machine 10lb plates each side plus whatever bar weighs

quick stretch!

walked a mile to my destination

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Tuesday- Step and Body Pump. I wore a new sleeveless shirt that was X-small, and it fit quite nicely. yeah!!!!

Back to the scales lying, I really do believe this because my Mom is visiting family and the scale there weighed her a lot less than the gym scale here. It is also on a hard floor. So I am almost 100% sure that the gym scales are not calibrated. I am about ready to buy a good scale and just keep it at home.

Wednesday- rest day/ finally bought new sneakers from the online New Balance outlet. Pretty decent prices, and the shoes look nice too! My sneakers have started to flap, so I figured it was past time to buy new ones.

Thursday- run

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Today was a rest day, but I walked a BUNCH! I would say at least 3-4 miles, perhaps more.

Tomorrow I sleep in, catch a bus downtown, workout, and then catch another bus home. But there is a vegan meet up at 4pm at Raphsodic Vegan Bakery so I might hang DT all day.

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Started my day at around 9:20 am when I finally woke up. Then had coffee with soy milk, a banana, and an oatmeal raisin clif bar. YUM!


Had planned on an early workout, but I found out about a veg meetup at 4 so I went out later than I thought.


Ran from gym probably about 4 miles. This is the furthest I've run in a LONG time! Got back to gym, drank water, ate a banana, and started weights. 3sets, 10 reps.

Leg press- 90 lbs very light, but went very deep

pulldown 60lbs, 55, 55

bench press-20 lb db

standing bicep curls 10lb db

tricep skull crushers- 10 lb db

seated should press- 10 lb db

100 various ab crunches- 90 of them were with a 4 lb medicine ball

walked to grocery store, then walked to Raphsodic Vegan Bakery, for their new Soul Food Saturday menu options, and to hang out with people from meet up.

Left at 545 and after waiting nearly 45 minutes for a bus, a friend happened to drive by. YEAH!!!

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Sunday- did not workout because I had an opportunity to earn money, so I can eat!


Monday- Run-am

(spin at 430 in the afternoon, depends on my schedule)


Tuesday- Step, and Body Pump- the usual!


Wednesday- (rest day) but did go to the gym to use their shower, and have some coffee.


The rest of my week will look like this, I finally have my act together, and my gym schedule.


Thursday- Run, and weights


Friday- rest day


Saturday- run and weights- if I do BP on Sunday I will skip weights


Sunday- Step and Body Pump


Does this sound like enough?

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Sunday- did not workout because I had an opportunity to earn money, so I can eat!

hahah - I like that


How do you feel after all this workouts?

Are you doing the triceps/biceps excercises before or after the should press?

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No workout this morning because of the bad weather, let me explain. I was going to run, but I didn't want to dodge the lightning bolts, and even if I'd done cardio inside the gym, I still would have had to walk to work. So I just got dropped off at work early, and am drinking coffee, ate 2 bananas, and a raspberry bar.

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Hey there,

Sometimes shoulders are not growing if you train them way too often. This muscle group is involved in many other excersices and it can be easily overtrained.

What are you doing for shoulders and how often?



Or not enough/or intense enough. I see people all the time doing delts and they clearely dont do "enough" for them.

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Friday I had a decent workout. Ran about 3 miles, and then trained chest and triceps, 3 sets 8 reps:


Bench press-20lbs


tricep extensions (skull crushers)-30lb bb


Pec flys- 10lb db


tricep press- 30lb bb


incline press- 20lb db


assisted dip machine- I think it was 75 assisted


decline press- 15lb db 3 sets of 10 because it was a bit too light


tricep push down- 25lbs


a few hanging leg raises for abs

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Today I took a basic yoga class. Its a good thing it was basic!!! I really felt lengthening in my quads, and I think for stretching purposes only I will take this class now instead of Zumba. I believe it will help benefit the rest of my workouts during the week, including the running.

After yoga my mom and I walked to a nearby Lake where they were having a yearly event called Fiesta in the Park.

Then we waked back to the car at the gym.

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Sunday April 3- Step, Body Pump

Monday- rest day- lots of work

Tuesday- Step, and Body Pump

Wednesday- rest day- got ready for trip

Thursday-started day at 3am Eastern time, was awake until midnight pacific time. Walked a few miles

Friday- more walking, met up with Giacomo, and Dani in Portland

Saturday- walking/dancing

Sunday-walking- left Portland at 1150pm.

Monday arrived at 11am eastern time- very sleep deprived

Tuesday- I am very much looking forward to my time at the gym tonight, I miss it!!!!!!!!!!

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I am getting back into the groove as far as the gym goes.

Last week got there a few times after my return flight, great workout Tuesday night, and then I think I got there one other day.

Starting Sunday I got there a lot more.

Sunday- Step

Monday- Spin class 45 minutes

Tuesday- Step, and Body Pump

Wednesday and Thursday rest days, and was real busy with work stuff and meetings

Friday- ran and did weights 3 sets 8 reps

leg press- 180 lbs

one arm bent over rows- 15 lb db

bench press- 20lb db

tricep skull crushers- 10lb, then switched to 12lb

lateral raises- 10lb db, was too easy

a lot of various crunches with pilates ball

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Been a very busy three weeks since my last post.

Last week I started at a community college, so my workouts haven't been as consistent as I'd like.

Did tons of walking at Magic Kingdom with my 2 nieces, mom, brother, and his fiance.

Tuesday was my first day of school, math, yuck!

Lots of walking because I did not feel like being in my brothers car, so I opted to walk everywhere.

Thursday I had a fairly decent workout at the gym, which included a run and weights.

Then I had another math class, and lots more homework!

Friday I took an early class at 830am, and stopped at Star Bucks for a coffee with soy milk, and some of their oatmeal.

Walked around a mall with a friend

Saturday- Lots more walking, had to help at an estate sale

Sunday- Step class- I needed it, but not the fall which was included!

Monday-finished homework!

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Well I guess its true, college takes up al my time, and I'm only going part time right now over the Summer. Besides that I work a little doing office type stuff for my church, but that is about to end, because I won't be able to do it in the Fall. I also get to the gym as much as I can, which is not enough. I have not run at all since the Summer began. The reason why it is way too hot, and I dont want to be a syupid runner running in unsafe conditions. Central Florid is finally cooling off a little bit with some much needed rain. Last week before the rain it was 101, and 103 degrees and the heat index was much higher. So that is why I am not running.

Still doing Step, Body Pump, spinning, and Zumba classes, and get to the free weight room occasionally.

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Last week I took a yoga class, instead of Zumba, I could actually feel my muscles lengthening. Still taking 2 Body Pump classes, and 2 Step classes every week, and hope to get back to running soon. I just don't think it wise to run in the heat that we've been having this Summer, and no way am I going to wake up at 5am to run.


There are only three weeks left of the Summer term, then I have almost all a month off before the Fall term starts. I was supposed to be helping my family move at the beginning of August, but it may be more like mid September, before everything is wrapped up here for them. In mid August I will be in DC for a business conference.

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