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HSOrlandos 2013 Journal: Being vegan in a non vegan world

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I was crazy today. I thought I'd do the cardio jump class, but I never considered that my legs would be tired from my run. Anyway I survived the class, but it was hard. It was basically jumping differently at each station. First we warmed up with a few stretches and jumping rope. Then we went to our first station, and every 90 seconds we switched to a different one.

1: jumping or hopping onto a step with five risers on each side

2: hopping on one leg around cones

3: running narrow and wide over ladder type obstacle on floor

4: jumping, and straddling various steps with various heights twice on each step

5jumping/hopping over hurdles

6: jumping/and straddling step as fast as you can for 90 seconds

then we did 2-5 again

7: with a partner throwing ball back and forth while you shuffle sideways

2-5 again

Then we did some stuff on the floor, lunges, plyometric squats, and lunges, jump rope, squats against wall

This is a 55 minute class so we basically did everything three times, then did abs


And the Body Pump class was with an instructor that I like her classes, so I took a BP class as soon as cardio jump was over. I had to go lower with my squat weights, and lunges because my legs were not cooperating. And I'm still sore from my chest workout on Monday, so I skipped a few reps for chest. But I got through it.

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Thanks, Today I decided to take off from the gym. I usually have my rest day on Friday, but half way through work I realized I was practically falling asleep,oops. Anyway I think I need to relax the rest of the day. I've had a busy week, and it's time to chill a bit. I'll be back at it tomorrow!


Oh, I had my interview this morning, and it went very well. It almost didn't feel like an interview, although it was. I think I may get the job, just got to wait for the call. The lady was also very interested in my vegan diet, and about Vega. She was interested in the different protein sources and the fact that there was no soy in Vega. And she also thought this website sounded cool!

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I finally have Vega, so I am doing a little better in the food department. The main reason I like Vega is that it's a complete meal, and it's easy to prepare. Anyway I am also having more smoothies, and I still eat oatmeal. Besides these foods I need to add more salads then I''d be doing even better, but I do have Smoothie Infusion that is adding some greens to my diet. If I stop having so many clif, and luna bars, I know they're loaded with sugar, I think my diet will be pretty good. My meals at lunch and dinner usually consist of a vegetable, grain, and some tofu product. Or at lunch I'll have an Amy's meal, or some other vegan frozen meal. I am also trying to limit my coffee intake, but I don't know how long that will last.

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Go Hayley! Go! You seem to be on fire! You are lifting a lot of weight, that's awesome! You're running a ton, that's also awesome! You're dedicated, that's awesome! You recognise your need to rest, even awesomer!


I'm on crack. Or just tired. I just had to let you know that I find your blog impressive and inspirational.


Keep up the great work!!

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What could be better than a sentence with the use of the word awesome 3 times? One that also ends with the word awesomer! Awesomest sentence ever Karmacharger =)


Hayley, that class sounds like the coolest class ever! I would def partake in that one.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get hired. Cool that they took a liking to the vega.


Don't forget about the weights in addition to the bp classes. You rock girl.

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Ran for about 2 miles at a fast pace. At least it felt faster! It poured rain for about a half hour or so then stopped when I left work, so I ran outside. But then it started again so I had to go a bit faster or get drenched.

Then I hit the weights! Lean and Green don't worry I won't forget about the weights any time soon. I think working out with Robert and going heavier than I was used to has motivated me. I needed a push so thanks Robert! Anyway tonight I trained biceps and shoulders.


warmed up with light weights and did some bicep curls, lateral raises, and something else. Then did one set of shoulders and then one set of biceps for about 4 sets of each exercise


shoulders-standing front raises 10lbs,15reps-12lbs,10r-15lbs,8r-20lbs,5r

bicep-standing hammer curls- 10,20r-12,15-15,10-20,5 alternate

shoulder press seated-10lbs,10-15,20r???-10,12r-10,12reps

I hate my shoulders, at least for anything overhead!

bicep curls seated-10lbs 20r,10lbs 15r,15lbs 10r,15lbs 10reps

lateral raises standing- 10lbs 10r, 12lbs 10r,15lbs 10r, 15lbs 8reps

wide curls standing-10lbs 15r, 12lbs 10r,15lbs 15r, 15lbs 10 reps

May not have written down correctly for last couple, but still very close to what I did.

Then did 125 abdominal crunches

25 with 8 pound dumbbell crunches

25 right shoulder towards left knee with leg crossed

25 same as above- opposite side

25 bicycle crunches

25 feet in air reaching toward toes



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Took a Body Pump class today, and it was a whole lot of fun. I also went heavier on squats than I've ever gone before. Of course since I stand in front the instructor had to comment, quite loudly that it looked like I had heavier weights. I made it through, but it was intense. Halfway through I literally had sweat drip off my arm onto my leg. I love the feeling of a hard workout. It may have only been 45 pounds on the barbell, but it was on there for a solid five minutes.


After BP I did run, which was a bit stupid to do in the heat of the day. I finished between 2, and 2.5 miles. The sun was hot, and the air was humid, and I did not really want to faint so I didn't push it. I felt alright at first, but about a half hour later my head started to hurt a bit. But then I ate and felt a little better. If I get the wellness job I won't be able to run in the morning, so I will have to do evening runs which I think I prefer, but no more runs at 1:30pm.

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Today I took a quite hysterical tumble off my step, during step. I guess I just misjudged my footing. One moment I was doing a knee raise, and pivoting off the step, then the step fell off the risers, and I tumbled over it landing on my knees. Of course I like to stand in front so I can see the instructors footwork so everyone saw this graceful move. I could blame it on standing on the opposite side of the room from where I usually stand, but I won't do that. Anyway it took me a few minutes to get my focus back on the class. I was not hurt in any way, except for some possible bruises. But during the class I almost fell again, maybe my legs were just really exhausted but they didn't feel that bad. I was hoping no one noticed, but the instructor mentioned it later.


In Body Pump I felt really good. I went with 45 pounds for squats again. We also did some new tracks so it was pretty much all new stuff we did. There was one move that felt a bit weird. During the new squat track they have a stagger move that you do. I've done it on other exercises but not squats. It just felt kind of funny to do, but I'll get used to it.


After the class I managed to get some answers from the instructor, he's the main group instructor of the Y that I go to. Basically just letting him know why I take so many back to back strength training classes, he has expressed concern that I don't let my muscles recover properly. Anyway I ended up just letting him know that when I weight train in the regular gym I go a lot heavier than I do in classes, and I told him what I leg pressed. And that in the class setting I don't really get super sore, because I don't lift real heavy. Anyway to make a long story short he basically agreed with what I said, and pretty much said he'd back off of this topic. He also talked to me about my being vegan, it's quite the attention getter at my gym! He mainly wanted to know about my protein, and stuff that everyone always asks. I think I'm starting to impress some trainers at this gym with my working out on a 100% plant based diet.

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Yeah the stability balls can be a challenge. The first time I ever used one was a few years ago. Before I was serious about the gym, again. I was taking a pilates class, and I fell off the ball and my hip landed on my weights. That was painful, and left a big bruise too.

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Today was an easy day at the gym. I did a half hour of cardio on an eliptical machine. Then I took a 45 minute muscle toning class. My brother also took the class, his first group exercise class ever, and he said it was the toughest workout he ever did. Anyway I say it was an easy day because the class was short, but the exercises were hard. For the most part I used 8 pound weights, I could have used tens, but I have done three strength classes in the last three days. We did lunges, squats, bicep curls, pushups on a stability ball, bent over rows, another kind of row, and lateral raises, jumping jacks, abdominal work,and a few exercises working our glutes. There were also some leg raises while lying on our side, and I think that's about it.

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Ok, I have to be more accountable with what I eat, so I'll start posting my meals again, and in the future possibly pics too, maybe!


9am Breakfast: smoothie- orange juice, smoothie infusion, blueberries, bananas, and ice


2pm Lunch: sandwich- two slices of whole wheat vegan bread, a thin layer of veganaisse, 3 slices of vegan turkey, and spinach; and quite a bit of canteloupe- diet soda ( I am gradually decreasing this,this is my worst bad habit with food)


6:30pm went to Moes and had a big burrito with black beans, rice, black olives, lettuce, and tomato, and some chips and another soda


10pm about to go and have a cup of herbal tea with some stevia to sweeten it

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The only question I have about Moes are about their wraps, I know what I put in them is vegan. I'm also about 95% sure the tortilla wraps are vegan but I have to remember to ask next time. Same thing with Chipotles. Yeah they have Moes Mondays where you get any burrito, I do the homewrecker with tofu instead of meat, and it comes with chips, salsa and a drink all for five bucks. Maybe we could meet at Moes sometime.

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Went running tonight with two other people for two miles. Then ran another two by myself. I may have gone further but my knee started to ache, so I just walked it out a bit and went back to the gym. When I was waiting for my ride I was stretching out my leg and my knee cracked very loudly, and now it feels a lot better.


When I got back after my run, I spoke to the lady that interviewed me, and tomorrow I am going in for what they call an audition. I think basically they will see how I do for an hour and then make their decision. I will be working with the instructor that's been trying to help me get my foot in the door. So it may be a difficult hour lol, he will probably not take it easy on me since he knows me. I'm not worried, I'm just glad that this day is finally here.


8:30amBreakfast: oatmeal with banana & coffee with silk creamer & stevia

12:30pmLunch: Kashi black bean meal & a diet gingerale

4:pm snack before run: banana & 3/4 of a clif bar

8pm dinner: brown rice w/began margarine and salt and two soy chicken patties

10pmsnack: herbal tea with stevia

meals were terrrible today, need to do better

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They call it an audition, but all it really is, is that you basically work for an hour in the position that you're trying to gethired for. I think it sounds kind of silly, but maybe they've had lots of newly hired people that didn't get what they bargained for.


Anyway today I got a call from the Y, while I was at work. And basically I was bypassed having to audition lol, I guess the head instructor has faith in me thank goodness. So I took copies of my cpr, and first aid certs, and the next step is filling in my new hire paperwork, getting finger printed, and having a background check. Then I'll start, I guess soon, unless I fail the background check lol! I ended up telling the instructor about my plans to be in Portland at the end of July. He was very glad that I told him, and seemed somewhat interested in the event. I'm glad that I let him know this early, and I don't think it'll be a problem getting that time off, I told him I'd need ten days off, since I'd fly in the day before, and leave the day after.


I took the cardio jump class again, but almost didn't survive! Started out with a quick warmup of jumping rope, and stretching. Then did each station for 45seconds, and completed this three times druing the 55 minute class

1 jumping/hopping sideways over steps with various heights

2 jumping into a squat and then jumping into ladder thing on floor

3 plyometric lunges on step holding light weights

4 pushups- on way up clap hands

5 jumping sideways over rope, then lunge back to beginning and continue

6 jumping in squat position onto high step, squat down touch step, jump down do it again

7 jump/hop sideways between two cones, try to clear the cones

inbetween we did more jump roping, squats, and other jump stuff

at the end we did suicides I hate these because it's about being a fast runner and this is one thing I am not

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I love hearing about your cardio jump class; honestly Hayler, it totally rocks! Stick to that class, it's gonna bring some nice results...


I'm so happy for you and the new job. You sound like you fit right in there and having been working with them for years already. Awesome that they are flexible with vv that was already booked.


As Zack and Josh would say 'Good Ole' Suicides


I used to do those constantly for tennis team practice. Usually across 4 courts. They're death but effective. We used to all race each other which made it that much more challenging.

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My job will be on the Wellness floor. This is basically keeping the peace in the large cardio area, signing people up for machines, keeping towles out, etc. Every hour the Wellness department has to physically count the people on the cardio floor, cybex room, cardio loft which is upstairs, circuit training area for fit linx, and I think that's about it. I've been told the job is mostly about making a connection with most of the members. Basically knowing their names, and learning a little about each person, which sounds like the hardest part to me, since we have a lot of members at this Y. Also showing someone how to use a machine if they're doing it incorrectly, and possibly setting people up for fitlinx.

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