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I just joined up and thought I'd say "Hi".


I've been vegan since the beginning of 2007 and it's going surprisingly well (never felt better). Prior to that I was a vegetarian for about 7 years, and then omnivorous for about 15 months as I was living overseas in Bavaria where they seem to inject schweinfleisch (swine flesh) into everything, including garden salads


Currently I'm 36 years of age, 6'4" (192cm) and 212 lbs (96kg) and rather unfit. I used to work out in my 20s but have let that slide. Now that I'm getting older, and I work in a sedentary job, my body doesn't look or feel that great. I like to cook vegan meals, and try a new recipe once a week, although I haven't given much consideration to the protein/carb/fat ratios of what I eat. I currently eat about 2000 calories and burn off about 250 calories in light cardio work per day, which is gradually reducing my weight. I've just started a weight training program again, so at some point I may need to up the calories ... but not yet


I don't want to be a professional body builder. I am really just looking to improve my strength, flexibility, general health and physique.


So, I joined this forum to provide answers when needed, and help keep me motivated and on track. I look forward to learning from you all and reporting on my progress!

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