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Progress Photo - Sort Of


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Just got back from my 2nd hour of cardio!!!


So, here is a progress photo that I took today. Face is cropped cuz I'm breaking out right now and I don't wanna see it in the photo. But, I'm pretty proud of how far I've come. I have worked so hard these past couple of months.


Those abs are going to be much much tighter in three weeks. Tons of hanging leg raises!!!!


I wish I was brave enough to post the before pictures. When I'm all the way to my goal I will. Need to lose at least 5 -6% more bodyfat and add some shoulder, leg and ab definition. It will happen.



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Nice! Looking very fit. Well done my friend. I hope your skin clears up soon too. It takes dedication, having a goal in mind and consistency to adapt and make improvements and progress and it looks like your body is responding well to hard work.


Congratulations and keep it up!

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Looking good!

Don't worry about the before pics, many of us have been fat in the past.



Yeah I wouldn't worry about the past pics either. Although it would be cool to compare a before and after

You look great Veggie P. Keep up the hard work. !

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