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Marla in her new shirts (not for Thinthin only...)


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Robert sent Marla two shirt and as you can see she enjoys wearing thema and eating dinner from potters little pottery!

Marla cannot wait to see the new and still unborn baby anymore and tells the baby to come out everyday!











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Awesome photos! I'm glad the shirts worked out. Thanks to gkleinman for showing us the shirts during Vegan Vacation.


Great stuff. Super cute photos! It's so cool how we're all connected within this community. We learned about the shirts from gkleinman, I sent them to flanders, and flanders' daughter wears them while playing with veganpotter's gifts.



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Thanks everybody for the kind words and compliments!

It is true: I am a very happy dad having such a cute little girl. She is happy and smiling most of the time and enjoys life as far as I can see. When she is tired she gets a little... you know... but thats okay.

She cannot wait for out second child to be born and we try to integrate her as much as possible into pregnancy so that the "shock" of not being the only kid anymore is not to hard

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