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Pamela's before and afters :)

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I dropped about 30 pounds and here are the results (I have posted this before, but we never had a special forum for before/afters before!):





Here's a very recent one... I feel a bit weird about it since I'm in my bra and underwear (and they don't even match! lol), but i'm not showing any more than if I were in a bikini. I might take it down if I feel too weird, but I'm putting it up because the contrast is so strong. I cropped the recent pic first, and then cropped the older one in the same places (shoulders and legs) and then resized the older one to be the same height as the newer one to ensure they are as close as possible to being to scale. The before pic is from August 2005, and the after pic was taken yesterday.



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Yes very inspiring especially since I have more than thirty to lose. You look healthy. That is what I am striving for; a healthy weight loss.


Your tummy is so nice and flat. How did you change your diet to lose that weight and what was your exercise routein?

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Barb, when I first went vegan I just let myself eat whatever I wanted. My weight seemed normal even at it's highest, so I didn't even realize how heavy I was looking until a coworker who has no tact at all pointed it out. But I'm glad he did. I started out by exercising three times a week for half an hour on the elliptical, and eventually upped it until I was doing six times a week.


At the same time, I started tracking my caloric and vitamin/nutrient intake on www.fitday.com. I also cut calories, so that I was only eating about 1,400-1,600 a day at first, and gradually ramped it up as my activity level increased. The increase in my activity level sped up my metabolism. I started focusing on packing as much nutrition as possible into the calories that I had, using fitday as my guide.


That took me down 15 pounds. Then, I started running. That took me down the next 15 pounds in a very short time, and also enabled me to eat WAY more food! I don't track my calories any more except for on occasion. The running is what has made me lean. I currently run 40-50 km a week, and I do weights/crunches maybe three times a week.


I'm not a big woman in the first place, I was a small, slight woman who put on a lot of fat due to inactivity and too many calories. I'm not sure exactly how my stomach got so flat, I think part of it is I don't have a lot of body fat on me period due to exercise and diet, and another part is just how I'm built.


The cornerstone of my diet is a 16 ounce smoothie I consume every day that includes two servings of salad greens, soy milk, kale, fruit (strawberries, banana, pineapple, berries, etc.), fruit juice, VEGA, maca, and sometimes wheatgrass juice and chia/salba. I also eat kale, spinach or broccoli every day. I eat a full dinner, but I graze all day until that point which keeps my metabolism ramped up.


Hope that helps.

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Your pics are very inspiring!

I am a dude trying to loose weight, you are my second post, another girl out there (Lizzy) I think. But you are both Hot! Again not a pick up line intention. Just being truthful. I had doubts that vegan diet could help me loose weigt, you proved that wrong. This site is just awesome and positive.



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