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Today was leg day from hell. I only did three things


2.leg press

3.hammy curls


I did not try the 8x6x4 thing...I just went for it and did as much as I could 6 times and then the same at 5 times (barely got that on the leg press) and then 3-4 times. I tried to walk down the stairs to the gym and almost fell over.....



I got downstairs and looked at my thighs and my ass and they had swollen up bigger than they have ever been. Now, 1 hour later, they are still pumped up. I better eat a lot today.

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Awesome man!


I also love the pump that remains for a long time. I don't get cuts in my legs after training like I do in other muscle groups. So before competing I don't even pump up the legs.


I get my favorite pump training biceps and chest. I'd say the absolute best feeling pump is from biceps, when they stay swolen and full of veins and seem to double in size. Chest is pretty cool too because it feels like I could use my chest as book shelf.


This post is in Health and Nutrition Programs so I better mention something about eating.


Today I had some tofu and broccoli with peanut sauce.


I also had other forms of tofu, about 6 oranges, 5 apples, 5 bananas, a bowl of oatmeal, a bowl of strawberries, a bunch of almonds, an Odwalla bar, a couple of rice cakes, some wheat bread, and some lettuce, carrots, cabbage with hummus and vegan "meat" balls.


I'll post some of my pre-contest diet plans soon. My diet changes a bit as I get ready for competition.


I just won a contest last weekend so I'll share what I ate to lead up to that.



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whats up guys

i just found the site and its pretty sick to see so many people eating this way and living healthy lifestyles

im a vegetarian and have been for 5 years now

im not abodybuilder but i strength train regularly and also study kung fu

im currently not training havent for several weeks do too busy schedule

but i wanna get back into it

i know diet is a big part, so i have written down everything ive eaten over the last 5days, check it out-and comments are obviously welcome

i know im lacking veggies and fruit and some other stuff, but id be interested to hear your guys advice



gls oj and nat. pb on wwbread

slice sourdough w/nutella

gls choc soyw/ rice pro(12g)

bag of chips

1/2 of veggie dosa

serving of almonds

gls soy w/ rice pro

bag of chips

beans rice chz burrito w/ guac and chips

8gls h20



gls apple juice 2 doughnuts

pb sandwich

2 bags chips

gls soy w/ rice pro lrg vegan cookie

brc burrito w/ chips and salsa

two veg corn dogs w/ gls oj

7 gls h20



apple juice w/ donut

soy w/ rice pro and nature valley granola bar


bag of chips

amys country dinner(veg salisbury stk w/potatoes and beans)

2 bags cookies and ice tea(vending machine)

brc burrito chips and salsa

9 gls h20



4 servings berry bones(scooby doo cereal) w/ soymilk

amys bean burrito chips salsa mountain dew

2 gls soy w/ rice pro and banana

small bowl berry bones

bag ofchips

strawberry popsicle

bag chips

7 gls h2o



apple juic and donut

2 veg sausage

2 serving corn chips


mountain dew

2bbq chips

amys country dinner

gls of soyw/ choc chip cookies

7 gls h20

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I love that you listed the Scooby Doo Cereal.....that is one of my favorite cartoons, although I haven't watched it in a while.


Good to see the Almonds on there, soymilk, the burritos, guacamole and stuff like that.


Maybe add some oatmeal in there every once in a while.


I would also try to get in a lot of green vegetables. My favorites are broccoli and spinach. I also eat tons of other veggies, especially potatoes.


Fruit is one of the best things for you, period. So try to focus (as you are aware) on getting more of that into the diet.


Any idea on total calories or protein per day?


I hope you get back into the training soon. I know it can be hard with how busy we get with work, school, family, etc.


All the best, time for me to eat!



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hey robert

thanks for the advice

by the way im 5' 11 and way 155 and have 8% bodyfat

id like to be haevier, by about 10lbs

i didnt count the calories but im pretty sure there isn''t enough

i also take a super nutrion multi vitamin everyday

should i consider taking flax, iron or any other supplements

also have you ever tried vega(that triathlete mrp)

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hey robert

thanks for the advice

by the way im 5' 11 and way 155 and have 8% bodyfat

id like to be haevier, by about 10lbs

i didnt count the calories but im pretty sure there isn''t enough

i also take a super nutrion multi vitamin everyday

should i consider taking flax, iron or any other supplements

also have you ever tried vega(that triathlete mrp)



We are in the same ectomorph boat buddy. I just increased my calorie intake and changed my routine to put on about 20 lbs. What suppliments you should take really depend on what you are not getting from your diet or what you should be getting more of. Every day I take a B Complete, Viatamin C, Amino Acid Complete, L-Glutamine and a good mens multi.


Oh and by the way, if you put on 10 lbs you would be the same weight as I was when I started this bulk......and I am 6'2''. I am up to 169 now which means I have put 4 pounds on in 2.5 weeks.

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Congrats bobbycore. I understand that its a hard thing, as I am doing it right now. I started at 177, then I turned vegan, and I am now 250. It was in less than a year and of course there will be some fat increase but luckily I can still see some abs (however its definitely not the best).


My lifts have skyrocketed (for myself because my lifts were pretty low prior to the bulk). For example, my lifts at 177 was about 190 (which is pretty low considering I had weight class for 3 years!). THats not to say that my chest was small, it was actually pretty big oddly. The most I have benched so far is 365 now, and it wouldnt have been possible if I hadnt bulked and especially trained with dumbbell presses. My curls back at 177 was about 45 while standing. Now I can curl 110 standing. This is in no way to brag, but just to show how much bulking and training can really help with strength and size.


The one downfall with bulking this quick was stretch marks. I literally have "battle scars" on the side of my chest and all on the inside of my arms. I guess I was a little too ambitious and shouldve used my head. However I would sacrifice the "battle scars" for the strength and size I have now, thats just me personally. So my recommendation for stretch marks is Vitamin E (makes your skin more elastic) and cocoa butter (if you do have marks already, rub it on it).




You are correct that nutrition is a lot in regards to bodybuilding. Heres a run down of what I eat.


Meal 1

2 cup Oatmeal

2 cup Honey Bunches of Oats

10 ounce grape juice

1 Centrum Multivitamin

1 Flaxseed Oil (you need this for your omega fats, take it mate)


Meal 2

2 Apples

2 bagels with jam


Meal 3

2 Carrots


Meal 4

6 ounce uncooked Pasta & 8 ounce Spaghetti & 19 ounce tofu


Meal 5

Can of Beans and Can of Corn


Sometimes I might have a sandwich or more in there. I might be missing stuff but thats what I can think off the top of my head.


As for any other supplements, thats entirely up to you. Each supplement has a specific role, and some even dont work and is not even supported by science. Science should be the key behind using a supplement.


I actually know of a technique for weight gaining but its out of my course book and I am not sure if I can repost it online even with quotes. I will ask on the forum and see what they say. I have it written up but not sure if I can post on the net.


Good luck guys on your endevors. Feel free to ask anything.

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I would be interested in reading parts of your course book on bulking if possible!


I take vit-E and put it on my chest 3 times a week in the gym and plain lotion (provided in a pump container on the wall by the gym) the rest of the time. I am scared of stretch marks. I got them really bad when I was a kid because I was fat and then I grew 6 inches in 4 months. I have enough already.


Out of curiousity, what body type are you. I am an ectomorph to the fullest extent of the term. An extremley hard gainer with very little muscle mass naturally.

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Hello Bobby. As for the book I am asking the staff right now if I can give excerpts from the book if I give bibliographical data. I dont want to take any legal chances. If you are thinking of becoming a personal trainer check out www.issaonline.com , that is where I am getting certified and there is a wealth of information in the course book. I personally am not bulking according to the book, just for to let you know.


As for the vitamin e, thats good to hear. Make sure you put it where the chest goes lateral (to the side). That is a really good spot for stretch marks. As for being a kid, ya thats a real bummer. 6 inches in 4 months is pretty big, but you know a lot more now so thats a good thing.


One thing about stretch marks I dislike is when it gets cold. They get really bluish that its freaky. I doubt you have stretch marks like me. My skin is literally stretched. I will post pictures soon of my "battle scars" and you will see how bad it is. When I have a tank top on, its really noticeable.


As for my bodytype, Im not sure. I can see my abs in the mirror when I flex it and there is still fat. Rarely is anyone entirely on one end of the body composition. I'll post some pics and you can see for yourself, mind you I have barely any cuts due to this bulk.

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Well he said I could use it so long I citation on the source which is great!


So on to veggieburger:


As for gaining 10 pounds, here is what the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) recommends. Its called the Zig Zag approach and it is effective. BTW this is in accordance to you, so the numbers werent at just random. I am just putting it in a quote to make it look more organized. The amount of calories to add and minus is for your body.


To increase total bodyweight by losing fat and gaining muscle


For 4 to 5 days each week (training days), add 2 calories per lean bodyweight and spread it amount 5 meals.


So basically you need to get your bodyfat, which is 8 %, and multiply it with your body weight which is 155, and you get 12.4 which is the amount of pounds in fat. Minus the pounds od fat by 155 and you will get 142.6 which is your lean bodyweight. Then multiply the lean bodyweight, 142.6 x 2 and you get 285 calories. So add 285 calories to your current diet.


For 2 to 3 days each week (training days), minus 2 calories per lean bodyweight and spread it amount 5 meals. So what you do here is minus 285 from your current diet.


(Hatfield 526)


This is just a general guideline and does not include what to eat, it is just in speaking of calories in general. As for what to eat, most would start at a 1-2-3 ratio. 1 part fat, 2 part protien, and 3 parts carbohydrates. That means you would calculate this out of your entire daily caloric intake.




Hatfield Phd, Frederick C. (2004) Fitness: The Complete Guide (Eighth-Edition)

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Nope, all I have is my multi vitamin. I dont have a lot of money, so I dont use any supplements besides the multivitamin and flaxseed. Perhaps I should invest, however I really do not care for my body as you can see hehe. It actually doesnt look bad there, in person its worse lol. Good luck on your battle scars hehe.

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Hey guy, thanks for posting a lot this week.............just to get back to something mentioned earlier, I think I fixed the Loggin in problem, so now you will have to be logged in to post, so it shouldn't say "guest" by your posts in the future if you forget to sign in--it should direct you to a login page.


Ok, I'm off to work now, have a great day guys,



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