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Hey all,


I'm curious about people's stretching habits. What are you favorite stretches? What body parts do they target?


I'm particularly interested in stretching pre-workout. To start the thread off, my question is, what stretches are the best for the hamstrings?? Particularly because mine feel tight/sore after leg day, and I'd be interested in knowing some stuff I can do either before the workout, immediately after, or a day or two after.


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Always...always warm up before stretching. This should always include at at least 10minutes of cardio to get your heart rate up and blood flowing ot the muscles. After that I start off with stretching out my back. By first going in sort of an indian style and laying my body flat on my inner thighs and putting my elbows on the ground to stretch out my hips/glutes and my back. Then in an almost indian style position I put my right foot on the left side of my left leg then putting my left elbow on the right of my right thigh. Then I switch sides doing both of these for 30 seconds each. Then I lay on my back and roll my feet behind my head putting my toes on the ground to stretch my back. Before I'm done I grab the bottom of my feet then use some back strength to push my butt on the ground(hard to explain I guess). This is a great hamstring stretch. Then I do a seated groin stretch for two sets. Then I stand up and do your same every day quad stretch. Then I step forward with my right foot and push my left hip forward to stretch my hip then do it on the other leg. Then I do a wall calf stretch. Then I finish things off by stepping forward with my right foot but with my heel only and while keeping my right leg straight I bend my left knee to stretch my hamstring then switch sides. Depending on how I feel I may do some of these more than two times on each side, and I pretty much always do them for 30 seconds each.

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I like doing belt stretches for my shoulders. Also for my legs I like to do PNF stretching. Look it up if you haven't heard of it. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation if I remember right.


I love PNF stretching. Is there a way to do it without a partner? or is it always a two-person process?

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