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YI just wanted to know if you had more or less success in muscle building with a greater intake of greens.


$4 a pound is crazy for greens. Luckily I'm in California and we get it from our farmer's markets for about $1.50 a bunch.


Overall, I've found pretty good strength gains but I can't attribute it soley to the greens as I made the change to a vegan diet rather drastically... so I have to give credit to the entire diet.


When I buy organic its about $2.50 a bunch for organic kale here. I'm not sure how much useable greens I get from a bunch as I don't use the stems, and stems weigh alot. Pretty pointless direction I'm taking this but anyways...

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I going to start logging the amount of meals I have each day... I wish I would of done that in the beginning! I think it will give me a good idea of the "actual" calories I'm putting away. If I have something that deviates from one of my normal meals I will note that.

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Hey Troy,


Is there a reason you don't incorporate beans/legumes into your non-smoothie meals?


Good question, I don't do well with most beans... meaning with the flatulence. I'm already pretty flatulent so adding to the problem makes people around me quite unhappy.

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According to one macrobiotist I know and I think many agree. She warned against mixing fruits and vegetables togeather, as the sugar breaks down quicker than the veggie, and creates gas.

Just a thought.


I've heard this too, I tried food combining theories and although they seem quite logical, I feel its a bit overwhelming and time consuming and I didn't find that the flatulence subsided...

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