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the happy things thread


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I asked for Season 1 of Reba from my Mum and A gym membership from my pop( I will pay the monthly fee once I get a job)


Also tomorrow is Saturday. I go into town to buy groceries for a week detox.


And I'm also happy because....Being Happy is generally more healthy than sad

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Tashie, what are you going back to school for?


Here are some happy things for me lately:



- beautiful organic kale on sale at the grocery store for $1.49

- Season 4 of my favorite TV show coming out on DVD today!!

- Trying on clothes and absolutely loving how I look in them.

- Things getting better and better with my partner

- Having 11 days off work starting on Saturday!

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I'm heading out of town at the moment to pick up some Made in America, American Apparel t-shirts that have our logos printed on them


These are white shirts with black text. I haven't seen them yet, but it's great to be doing ALL sweatshop-free clothing again, as I did years ago when I started.


I'll post some pics to show how they turned out.


I also ordered tank tops, hats and headbands


Anyway, I'm outta here for today. I'll see my mom today while I'm in Corvallis too, so that will be fun.


Happy Day

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Tell him hello from our group


I'm happy to be not feeling as "off" as I did yesterday. I'm still not sleeping well and don't know why but I am spending a lot of time in bed.


I was happy to see oregonisaac downtown today and visited with him and his brother for a while while they finished up lunch. I was just out and about and bumped into him, which is how things happen in Portland. Forum members everywhere

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I'm home! I'm home! I'm so happy to have a kitchen again.


My diet for the past five days (with the exception of the trip to VG Burgers in Boulder) has consisted of apples, bananas, oranges, kale, dates, some chips & salsa and a handful of clif/builder/vega/etc bars. It wasn't a bad collection, but I'm ready for some variety.

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