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This would be my introduction....


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Hey everyone!


I'm 34 years old and I've been vegan for over 16 years. I've worked out pretty consistently since my mid-twenties, although I have struggled with many injuries during that time (mostly from training with too much weight or improper form).


My body type is classic ectomorph, and for most of my life I've been around 170-185lbs (I'm 6'2" tall).


I had multiple injuries this past summer, so I wasn't training, but for the past two months I've been training six days a week.


For most of my life I have really struggled to make gains, but I have finally found a strategy that is really working for me. Basically, I am constantly varying:


- set structure

- number of reps

- number of sets

- amount of rest between sets


My training mostly consists of the basics like squats, deadlifts, pullups, dips, and lots of DB excercises (incline press, flat press, incline flys, lat raises, various curls and tricep excercises).


Over the past 7 weeks I have gained 18lbs and lost some body fat. (not sure about exact BF%) The only downside is that pullups seem much harder with the extra 18lbs!


Last week I had a couple personal records:


BB Squat to parallel: 9 reps x 205lbs

DB Incline press: 8 reps x 85lb dumbells


My fitness goals include continuing to gain strength and lose body fat. There seem to be many vegans who reject society's idea of "beauty" and don't work out as a result of this. This plays into the stereotype of vegans being skinny/undernourished, so I think it's very important for us vegan fitness enthusiasts to show everyone that you can be vegan and have a great looking, fit body.


So that's my basic background!




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Welcome to our group!


Great to have you here. We're working on some technical "bugs" with the site but should have those sorted out soon.


Thanks for being here. We have a strong close-nit community and we're happy to see you join us.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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