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AlterNet: PETA: Whatever It Takes


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"The progressive animal rights organization has a ruthless approach for getting coverage in the mass media - with enviable results."


Check out this AlterNet article about PETA's media-savvy activism. Embroiling, heavy-handed and insightful, it certainly made me see the organization in a new light. Despite any dispute over tactics, the sheer number of responses to the article is a testament that PETA must be doing something right.


"PETA goes after places, people, events and ideas of social meaning and finds a way to seize the headlines - or create its own. It will do whatever it takes to expose people to its point of view. When PETA asks an agricultural town to change its name from say, Cowtown to Liberated Cowtown, it knows that a bored reporter in the surrounding region will fall for it and write a story about it, and that a bunch of readers sick of stories about septic tanks and cattle prices will fall for the headline. Somewhere in that story will be the sentence: "A PETA representative told the mayor that killing animals is wrong."


With that sentence, PETA scores a victory.


... Because the truth is, this animal rights thing is a tarpit. The more people are exposed to it, the less comfortable they are with the concept of animal suffering. That's the premise, anyway, and I think it's true."


I posted a comment, "Animal rights transcends PETA tactics," on AlterNet in case you're interested in reading that, too.

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