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Clumpy CEE - Should I be worried about this???

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I just received a bunch of bulk Creatine Ethyl-Ester and it is REALLY clumpy. I've never used CEE before (been using Creatine Monohydrate for past year).


Is this normal???


I mixed 2.5g with a couple ounces of water, and it didn't really dissolve... kinda looked like one of those water filled christmas thingys that you shake up and snow swirls around whatever is inside. I chugged it, and oh my god did it taste bad!!! I've read about how bitter this stuff is, but words cannot describe how foul this stuff tastes! I drink straight gin/vodka/tequila with no chaser, no problem... CEE tastes REALLY, REALLY BAD!


I was planning putting it in vege-caps, but I will need to really grind this stuff up if that's ever going to work...


BTW - I got this stuff from a place called trueprotein.com after hearing some VBB members recommend them. Everything else I ordered seems very normal (non-gmo hemp protein, gemma pea protein, and soy protein isolate).


I know this is silly, but I got really excited when I received my 20lb bag of hemp protein!!! What is wrong with me????


Any advice or info anyone has is much appreciated.



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I haven't heard any bad stuff about it...but I have heard its better for endurance athletes...although I've never tried it...maybe it'll be my next purchase after I do one more cycle with the other half of my bottle.

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Thanks for the replies.


I'm actually able to get it to dissove now, I just put 2.5g in 2oz of water, let it sit for one minute, stir for 15 seconds, and all the chunks are gone. All the fine powder dissolves immediately, it's just the chunks that take a while. It seems a little easier to take when it's fully dissolved since I'm not getting chunks of it stuck in my mouth to enjoy and savor...


From what I've read, you can grind it up, but it gets clumpy again by the next day... I bought a capsule filler and a ton of vege-caps since I heard this stuff tastes so bad, but the prospect of having to buy a mortar and pestle or whatever, AND grind it all up, before I can even start to fill capsules is not exciting.


I'm also starting to learn how to shoot it straight down my throat without touching my tongue... While I keep my nose closed


Not being so bloated feels really good! I guess I just learned to deal with the bloat for the past year or so that I'd been taking CM, and eventually stopped thinking about it. I feel way better now, a few seconds of foul CEE taste is totally worth not feeling the CM bloat constantly.



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