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How many pull ups can you guys do?

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Personal best a few years ago:12 pull ups (palms facing away, shoulder width. weight 150 lbs).....though, at the time I would do 3 sets of 10 pull ups with a minute or two rest in between each. I never really tried to go to failure. I would estimate that would have been around 15 or so.


Right now, I can do about 8 nonstop. (weight 155 lbs).

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My best was 11 pull-ups with 10 pounds strapped onto me, or three with 45 strapped on (weighing around 190). That was about 10 years ago. (Of course, that doesn't seem like much reading some of these replies and seeing some of the crazy videos on YouTube).


Back then, I used the strategy the Arnold Schwarzenegger laid out. Basically do sets of reps of 5-8 (or whatever) until you evetually get to the point where you are doing just sets made up of a few reps, or even one rep. But the idea is to get to a set number of total reps for the workout, like 50. The idea is also to build brute strength in the lats (and other areas).


So, i did that, and after a month or two, you can easily get to 50 total reps. After a while you can raise that to 100 or whatever.


Anyway, right now, I'm in the process of losing weight and getting back into good pull-ups form. I'm up to about 8 right now. But I hope to be up to 15 or so by the Spring.

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My father is 57, he's a vegan (been for a couple of years, before that a lacto-ovo vegetarian for many many years). He can do ~ 20 pull-ups. I'll try to video tape it for you guys as soon as possible.


My personal best is 19 or 20. My father used to do ~ 30 pull-ups when he was young (and very skinny = light) so I have to train more!

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My sorry record was only 13 in a row, palms out . I haven't done them consistently, despite setting up a bar in my home. Gotta get back to those. Ugh, day's one, suck


I wish I could do 13! I havent even been able to do one full one yet. Although I get very very close. The only bar I have though is very small, so its usually close grip which I find harder. Im sure I could do one or two on a longer bar, but I dont know.

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Weight=184 Lbs


Number of pull-ups= 10 to 12 (wide grip)


I can do that for a max of two sets, then it feels like my arms are about to fall off and I have to rest somewhat.


I wonder...how long can you people hold on to the bar during a pull-up. (isometric).


I can hold on for almost a minute at the peak.

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