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Breaking animal cruelty news

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PETA Breaking News


Today, at a news conference in Washington, D.C., PETA revealed the findings of its 11-month undercover investigation into Covance, the international drug-testing giant (formerly known as Hazelton).

PETA’s investigator worked as a technician inside the Vienna, Virginia, Covance laboratory, where she documented workers who were striking, choking, taunting, and deliberately tormenting terrified monkeys. She documented monkeys with broken arms left without proper veterinary treatment and animals in desperate need of euthanasia, who were kept alive and in agony just to please drug companies. Other primates, used in lethal irradiation experiments, developed open wounds on their stomachs.


When PETA called the U.S. Department of Agriculture for help during our investigation, the agency took five days to respond. Please help these suffering primates, who live in constant fear of the next horrible thing that will happen to them. Read about our investigation and watch our video at CovanceCruelty.com now!


(The above is a cut and paste from a PETA email). For more info on how you can help and who you can write to to express your outrage, email [email protected] or go to the above mentioned site and it will tell you contact info of who you can complain to.

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That is really horrible. There are lots of bad things that go on that most people are not aware of.


We can always do more to help, so getting involved locally or nationally or internationally can make a huge difference.


Some vegans are more active than others, and we all go through phases of when we're more active than other times, but just by being vegan and sharing our lifestyle with others, we're helping to make things better for animals and people.


With hope of happier lives for all, we continue our vegan path.

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I did not mean that we should voice our rage to PETA. PETA is obviously the one and only organization that consistently fights for animal rights. WHat I meant was that if any of you need more info about the campaighn or WHO to write to, contact PETA and they will give you the info needed. PETA can be contacted at [email protected].




ANd yes you can post my email and telephone number info as well.

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Hi Ash,


A friend at another board that I posted your post at wanted me to paste this in case you havent seen. Heres his post from that forum:





Tyke ws beaten. Here is a link with pictures of hr bruises: http://www.v4a.org/issues/performing.htm


2 more links from the site with the video:






When I replied the first time, I was really busy and didn't have time to do a proper job on this, but at least wanted to get a little information posted before you checked back...

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