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2008 Arnold Classic Feb 29-March 2, 2008 - Ohio


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I Google Searched "Greater Columbus Convention Center" and found a hotels.com website showing the nearest locations.


I'd rather NOT rent a car and just get something very close to the venue. Sound good?


Here is a list:





I can start phoning right away and try to get 3 rooms?


2-3 women in one room, and 3 men in each of 2 other rooms. Of course we could mix and match genders, etc. but I am looking for a room total and we'll sort it out before we get there or once we arrive.


Since tens of thousands of people attend, I'm sure a lot of these are booked up so I'll hop on it soon. If we have to be further away, we could do that and rent a car or use buses, but from my experience, we'll end up with tons and tons of stuff we'll need to carry.


Any preferences? With 2-4 of us staying in a room, we can get the price pretty low.


Do we need a gym at the hotel or should we just walk or taxi to a proper gym? I'm leaning more toward going to a proper gym for real training, rather than using hotel dumbbells and cardio equipment.


Feel free to share feedback and I'll see what I can come up with. I may have to use a credit card to hold payment so I may need to collect from some people or something like that. We'll sort it out soon.



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I'll be doing exactly the same thing! I admire all the huge dudes walking around, not just the athletes but the huge bodybuilding fans too. It's quite the spectacle!


Cool, I'll try to start making some hotel arrangements and things like that. I think we'll need 3 rooms. When I stayed with SeaSiren in the past, we had 4 people in a 2-person room and it was fine (potter and I slept on the floor).


Anyway, I really look forward to it! I love this event!

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I just posted this in the wrong section so am reposting here


Here is a list of some of the competitors. There is also a british guy taking part called Troy Brown - check him out, he has a great physique. I will be supporting him because he is a fellow Brit


Melvin Anthony


Gustavo Badell


Adorthus Cherry


Toney Freeman


Kai Greene


Deshaun Grimez


Phil Heath


David Henry


Dexter Jackson


Johnnie Jackson


Victor Martinez


Desmond Miller


Ronny Rockel


Silvio Samuel


Branch Warren

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Cool, thanks for posting.


Now, we need to figure out some hotel stuff.


Should I just look into it and select one nearby and reserve a few rooms? Please give me your input. It's coming up in 7 weeks or so, and we need to make some plans soon.


Thanks and I really look forward to seeing many of you again and some for the first time!

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I assume folks are planning to stay Thursday - Sunday (3 nights)? Let me know if you think you will be staying longer.


Rob, as to your other questions:

Car: I am fine renting a car if need be. Walking distance would be best, but I starting looking for rooms and most hotels near the convention center are sold out. I'll look some more tomorrow.


Gym: I vote for finding a "real" gym .

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Good stuff Ravi.


I figured most would be sold out. Imagine.....150,000 fans (although I think it's more like 50,000 who walk through the expo each of the 3 days), plus all the exhibitors, 17,000 athletes, etc. I figured it would be a little hard to find a place nearby this late in the game, but I'll keep looking too


Oh, as for renting a car, I know how to do it to get one for like $13 a day


So that is an option. The key is to rent online at www.carrentals.com or www.hotwire.com or something like that and pick it up at the airport and return it to the airport, which would be convenient for us anyway.


Thanks for looking into some of that stuff. We could just be accountable for ourselves and get one room, but I'd like to get us all together, so we just need to get a bit more feedback.



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Cool, I think Ravi and I will head up the plans and if we don't hear from others, we'll just assume they will find their own place.


I think confirmed lately, we have:







for staying in rooms. I think xveganjoshx is also going to be with us for sure.


I'm sure we can squeeze others in if need be. For example, the time I shared a hotel with SeaSiren we had 4 of us in a room. I'd prefer 2 or 3, but if some people get stranded, we'll look out for them.


OK, we'll sort it out this week, so there is still time, but I think Ravi and I will handle the hotel arrangements and rental car if need be and we'll provide updates.



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We are making hotel reservations ASAP.


We have confirmed the following attendees:








If we don't get anymore confirmed people, 2 hotels rooms should do it.


I assume some of the VF members are going for sure too, and I'd love to coordinate with them as well, so I'll keep trying and we'll get details sorted out ASAP.



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Hey everyone,


Rob and I are trying to lock down on plans for the Arnold event! This is gonna rock



Right now, here is the plan. Please reply on this thread if you have any questions or concerns. Also, if you weren't planning to attend, but have changed your mind, let us know ASAP!


- Booking hotel for 3 nights (thursday night through sat night)

- Plenty of hotels are available 6-10 miles outside of the city (everything downtown is booked and would be crazy expensive anyway)

- We plan to book 2 rooms, that could accommodate 4-6 people (planning on 5 right now)

- We will rent a car. With SeaSiren bringing her car as well, that will give us more than enough transportation.



Here is a hotel that looks good. Nothing fancy, but they have kitchenette's and free passes to a World Gym : http://travel.travelocity.com/hotel/HotelDetail.do?propertyId=55321&startIndex=25&showMap=0&sortOrder=ascPrice&sortAlpha=-1&tab=features&travelPackageId=&hotelQKey=7107704625795861670&resetReview=true&SEQ=1199649335221062008&hotelQKey=7107704625795861670



Let me know what y'all think. We'll book stuff soon.

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Thanks Ravi!


Is this the same hotel you mentioned on the phone? Just wanted to make sure it was the right link. I thought you said Comfort Suits or Comfort Inn and this gave me a link to Best Western.


I just want to make sure I get my gym membership!!!!




Some of you may end up staying through Sunday night as well and leave on Monday. If that is the case, a few of us can extend a room for the night.


I have a feeling I'll stay until Monday.


P.S. I've been before, but back then there were only 70,000 people, now they say 150,000 will be there. It is insane even with 70,000 so beware!


Also, Please leave extra room in your luggage! You will literally get hundreds of dollars worth of free stuff


Everything from t-shirts to products, to magazines, water bottles, plus the stuff you may buy.


Leave plenty of extra room!


Bring training clothes. Let's train each night and take advantage of the atmosphere of being around each other, all together, at a major fitness event!


See you soon.


Ravi and I will make plans tonight.


I have all of your phone numbers so I'll be in touch soon.



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OK, I booked 1 suite at the above hotel (Best Western Suites - Columbus East). It is 15 miles from the Convention Center (Expo site).


We'll be there 4 nights (2/28-3/3).


If others on the forum are coming to the show....would be cool to stay in the same hotel to make trips to the gym/dinner/carpooling trips better. I called them and they said they have quite a few vacancies (so far).


Let me or Rob know if you have questions.

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This is going to be AWESOME!


We have made plans and arrangements to stay at a hotel and we'll also have gym passes and a rental car.


As far as I know, the VF guys won't be coming after all. I was looking forward to meeting them.


No worries though, because xveganjoshx, Ravi, and I will carry the flag of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness at this event and I think SeaSiren and Tigress will be there as well.


Has anyone else decided to come?


PM me or Ravi, as we're making arrangements (most of the work done by Ravi, if not nearly all of it).


I'll supply the t-shirts, hats, tank tops, head bands, whatever I got. It should be super fun!

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Should be fine dude. You'll get all Saturday afternoon and evening and all day on Sunday. I know most of it is on Sat, but Ravi and I aren't leaving until Monday so you can hang out with us on Sat and Sun and train and have fun, etc.


So if you can still swing it, bring it!

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Wish I could have made it - life got too hectic and threw off all my plans, but hope everyone has a great time there!


PS - if anyone checks out the strongman comp, post about it here and make me jealous! Bonus points if anyone can get their photo taken with Zydrunas Savickas (who will probably win his 4th or 5th Hummer this year) Benedikt Magnusson or Derek Poundstone!

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