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Not so skinny anymore - Back pic added

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Here's another pic. I should get some good pictures taken, bad lighting and manipulation of the camera don't help:)

Anyway, I'll include a before pic aswell:





Started working out around the time I joined this site. Started lifting weights around this time last year, maybe a little before.

Apart from "normal" food I had 1 tub of vega, 1 or 2 vega bars, 2 cliff bars and a little pea protein powder. I don't notice a difference when I supplement with protein, so I haven't for most part. I do eat a lot of high protein foods, and some soy products I eat have soy protein isolate in them. Only supplement I use is B-12.





Update pic(28-05-2008):




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Thanks all,

Have you noticed all the women posting in this thread so far have included a "wink" smily,



Har har, I would hardly call that a beard, at best it's some unshaven fluf:)

Over where I live we have some hardcore beards and staches, thats is definitely not worthy.


I'm sure your friends, family, and sexytime partners are noticing!



Let's see a lat spread.

I'll try and get a pic. Should get one of my legs aswell, they'r catching up with the rest of me. I'm doing 66 reps(x15x15x12x10x8x6) of full squats twice weekly with as heavy weights as I can handle after I've done some other leg exercises suppersetted. Seems to be making my legs grow at the moment. I die everytime, I love it! Oh yeah, I do deadlifts after that, so I'm really dead.

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Well, I don't have a meal plan really. I make sure I get enough cals and protein, but no reall plan.

I'll post an example of what a day's meals could look like.


Breakfast: 1 slice of bread with chocolate spread (mostly I'm really bad with breakfast, should try to improve).


A little later about 100g bread with peanutbutter/hummus/..


Couple of bananas and soymilk.


100g bread with 200-250g of soyburgers/sausages/schnitzels OR a can of baked beans with 100g bread.


100g oats, 40g almonds, some flax and soymilk.


Dinner: Soup first, lots of pasta/rice/patatoes/couscous with veg/beans/lentils and tofu/seitan/falafel/tempeh/soystuff.


Last meal: 100g oats with soymilk or 100-150g bread with pb/hummus/...


And I'll probably have more fruits and soymilk during the day and some more fruits and nuts in the evening.

I also drink coffee in the morning

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Time to post a new pic. I lost some weight some of it muscle, have not been eating and training that well for the last couple of weeks but I'll get into it again soon. Weight is ermm.. 70kg again though I haven't really lost strenght so it aint that bad I suppose.

Anyway here's me now:


Sorry for the crappy pic, only got the phone camera and noone to help me taking it so..

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