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Not so skinny anymore - Back pic added

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Pic came out like that prob b/c of massiveness, blocking the sun from shining down on the earth. As a wkout shirt I have says "cast a big shadow"


In all seriousness though, you look good man. Obviously it would be easier to tell with more lighting but the fact that you can still see that you're thick and have a nice build, even in the dark lighting, say something...

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You look great! That's easily the best pic I've seen of you (also because that's the newest and you've grown a lot from the earlier ones)!


You look really buffed! Body proportions are just right, I'd say excellent physical condition in general.

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Thanks for the compliments all.


Robert do you mean I'm a nice big man or did you forget the comma?


L&G, I know my pics always suck, I need to get a camera with a flash and higher resolution. Although I like your theory aswell


Tuc, you are to kind!

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