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My dog


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My dog(r.i.p) used to like everything, he always waited for leftovers before eating his dry food.


He actually picked pears in our garden, in season he would just eat pears all day long - pick one, lie down, eat it, go pick anotherone, all day!

He also had all the fish I had in my little pond lol.

From time to time he sneeked up to the neighbour's organic waste to take whatever eatable.

The only thing he always left was ketchup, everything else went down quickly.

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My dog goes insane over tofurkey slices. Once I start opening the package she starts jumping up and down and barking and drooling. It's really funny. I don't even think she chews it, she just sucks it down. She loves peas, too. I'll have to see what she thinks about garbanzo beans.

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