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Pinups for Pitbulls Picture (+others)


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Our picture is up on the website now, so I think it's okay if I share it. Please check out Pinups for Pitbulls and pick up a calendar, or if you want to order one from me, you can contact me directly if you are so inclined. This is me and two of my three dogs. My third (Wrigley) was there, but running around like a nut during this picture. Getting three dogs to behave in a photo is like, impossible.






Speaking of Wrigley, he had an allergic reaction this week that caused him to break out in hives! He is doing much better now after a vet visit, but he looked like a pickle for a little while there...






And while I'm sharing, I might as well share a picture of what I REALLY look like, because that calendar photo looks very little like me! This is at the rock gym on Tuesday.



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Both pictures flatter you


The calendar is a great idea. Pit bulls have gotten such a bum wrap. I've met three and all of been the most affectionate, quiet, obedient dogs I have seen.


Thanks! I live with three, so I am obviously a fan of the breed. There was a time when I wanted to adopt another kind of dog, but there was always a pit bull more in need of a responsible home, and so now my house is full! Mine are not always quiet or obedient, but they're three dogs under the age of 4 living in one house. It's nutty here sometimes.

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