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Hanging out with Rob and Topher


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Thought some of you guys might like this....I'm overwhelmed by muscle in this apartment! Kourtney (Vamprilla) came over last night and we spent the evening hanging out, painting robert in tanner, watching a movie, and chatting on cell phones Anyways...just a glimpse of things around here nowadays.



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I told you Topher was going to fit right in, wandering around half naked. You have to be careful taking him out places too, he is always shedding his clothes.

That's a good thing! We wouldn't him to be uncomfortalble with the no shirt policy in our aparment, enforced 24hours day.

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Thanks for posting some pics.



Gimme more gimme more!!!!!!


I am so HAPPY you guys are having such a great time together!

It has been fantastic. I'm sad I couldn't make it to Portland with them today because I have to work

We'll have more pictures soon! We took a bunch when he first got here; he just drove cross crounty and was starving and tired, and first thing we made him pose for some pictures....well, gave him some potatoes, then made him pose. The potatoes are in the pics

It's so awesome living with TWO vegans now! Then when Kourt comes over....This is really the first time I've had so many likeminded people with me at once!!!

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Hey Megan,


You beat me to it again! I have some other photos of Me and Topher on my computer I'll get up soon.




That was awesome! We all laughed at that dialogue about Topher and I on the phone. I was actually on the phone and Topher was mocking me and Megan had a camera.


Topher is sooooo funny! He's a kick in the pants to hang out with. In fact, he's rattling at the mouth right now and Megan is literally on the floor laughing.


I had a photo shoot today in Portland and Topher was totally helping me with it.


Anyway, I shall post more photos, we've just been busy with hardcore hanging out and trying to find money.


-Thin Thin Broke Him

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Totally Topher


haha ninja that rocked!


I'm having a great time here and I think Rob and I will benefit bigtime from training with each other.


Robert's photoshoot went extremely well and he has some of his best pictures yet.


expect us to post and keep updated training logs, exercise of the month (with step by step instructions and pictures), meals of the week (recipe and photos of meals we'll make), and photo comparisons of who is bigger and photos of us growing.

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At least Megan was nice enough to mention me. I love what you guys did with the pic of Robert and Topher! They're great. Topher was actually replying to what Rober was saying... Using my phone too.

Oh, hey, you (topher) do have a pic up of you with your hair cut. I had seen it before but I forgot.

Anyways, as Megan was saying, It's fun having Topher around. But there's soo much testosterone/muscle in that appartment now. Poor Megan.

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Hey Kourtney,


I've mentioned you a bunch of times over the past few weeks that you've been without internet. So I didn't forget about you. We're just about to head to the gym in a while but we'll get you later this afternoon.


Topher and I are working on some things and then we're training chest, going to Eugene to pick up copies of the Vegan Fitness Built Naturally trailer, and then we'll pick you up and we'll all make some dinner tonight and Megan should be home too.


Catch you soon.


-Thin Thin Him

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meals of the week (recipe and photos of meals we'll make)


Go ahead...post your recipes...I bet me and veganmadre will still kick your butts....hehe


Sounds like you guys are having alot of fun! That's great. Wish i had the cajones to get up and move to the west coast.


oh no, I totally suck at cooking. I thought it be cool to try to make a meal and list the recipe to show other vegans how possible it is to make meals who have lil to no cooking experience.


you and madre still reign is the best

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