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Hanging out with Rob and Topher


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Hey Will,


I totally forgot that you said you'd be moving out here. How awesome!


We're in Corvallis, 90 minutes drive South of Portland but our goal is to be up in Portland sometime next year. Topher may get up there before me, and Megan is from that area.




That would be super cool to see you out here too. Like I always say, I've been to 31 countries and 31 US states and many cities, and Portland is still one of my very favorite places to be Of course I wouldn't mind being in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Caribbean, San Diego, San Fran, Phoenix, or many of the other places I've visited or lived, but Portland is a great place. It's also a great place for vegans!


There are other board members from this area too. Big Ben Vegetarian Monster, Madcat, Kourtney, Jordan-who got me into bodybuilding and is near vegan (vegetarian) and plenty of others


Go West Coast!


-Thin Thin Pacific Coast Him

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Yeah we're planning to head out west in mid-December. We're going to stay at an extended stay hotel for the first month or so while we look for a place to rent. I've heard Corvallis is a cool town, so we'll have to drop by there sometime and hang out Robert. Topher we should jam on the guitars sometime once I'm out there

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Awesome Will!


Yeah, Corvallis is a cool town. It's a small town and most will say there isn't much to do, but in every list the magazines and internet come out with, Corvallis is usually listed in the top 10 cities in the entire country. Men's Health ranked Corvallis 7th, and Oregon had more "top 20" cities than any other state Colorado was second and I think California was third with the "best places to live".


So yeah, come Train with us, Jam with Topher, and chill with the Vegan Fitness Team!



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Hey Nat,


It was for a feature in VegNews Magazine. It will be in the Jan/Feb Issue, not sure when that comes out, maybe in a few weeks or in November sometime I'd guess.


When it hits stores I'll let you know.


Topher was a great coach, since I didn't have a mirror, he was my mirror, telling me what poses suited me best and which ones not to do, etc.


I had professional shots done, but Topher took some warm-up ones with my little Cannon S-500 so I can post some of thoses soon.


By the way, I took Topher's new Avatar photo while he was cooking food last night


Thin Thin Posing Him

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