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Put me up in PDX


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From my blog:


Here are my plans for winter break:

Dec 19- Dec 21 Tucson AZ

Dec 21-Dec 27 Atlanta GA

Dec 28- Jan 2 NYC

Jan 2- Jan 4- Atlanta GA

Sometime between the 4th and the 15th- Portland, OR

January 15- Tucson AZ


Portland is not yet set. It depends who's gonna be in town, and more importantly, who can put me up for a couple of days. During that time period, if I'm not in Portland, I'd just stay in atl for a couple more days, though I will certainly make it out to PDX for at LEAST a long weekend. It all depends on who can put me up. I do dishes, pay for my food there, and sleep naked, so those are pretty good reasons to put me up.

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Dude, sweet!!!!


I get back from L.A. on Jan 3rd (assuming I go down there) and I'll be around!


I'll actually be house-sitting for xdarthveganx because he'll still be in Europe until Jan 7th or so.


So I'll be in SE for a while, and we also have room in NE at my place (one of my roommates moved out, so we have plenty of space).


Anyway, I can put you up and I'm sure you'll get tired of me and you can bounce around from place to place. I am training again, and dedicated (even took NO EXPLODE today and was at the gym for 3 hours). So if you think you can keep up and hang with Cheeke, stay with me and we'll fire each other up!


Hope to see you soon.


I'm sure many others will offer to host you too, and I won't be offended if you chose someone over me, or anything like that. I'm just offering up my place.


Look forward to training and getting SWOL!!!

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Hey man! Sounds like a fun trip. I have my own place in NW portland now. However, I'm still moving in so I don't have any furniture to sleep on and Robert would probably be a better bet. Let's get the portland crew together and hang out while you're in town!

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Wow, I love all you guys!!!!

The warm invitations are truly awesome! And I will definitely be taking y'all up on the offers!


I guess PDX will be rocked by ecks vegan josh ecks this january!


So if you think you can keep up and hang with Cheeke

HAHAHAHAHA! You mean do you think YOU can keep up??

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Me too. Visit soon Tashie.


xveganjoshx and I rocked the back today and then went to Food Fight! I could barely move my arms. He almost had to feed me in the car. In fact, they are still tired.


Party at Cheeke's house tonight. A bunch of people are coming over around 7:30-8PM. Anyone on this forum is welcome to come by anytime!


See a bunch of you tonight!

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Camera is by the door


People will be here soon. Sorry if everyone didn't get a personal invite. I made a few phone calls based on who was interested in seeing Joshie while he's in town......but EVERYONE is invited!


Come on over!

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Photos to come later. Too tired now.


Thanks to all who came by! We had a great time. I know some of you weren't able to make it tonight but we still had a good turnout. I think there were 9 of us in total and hopefully more on Wed or Thur when we try to throw another meet-up party while X to the Josh X is in town.


Good times.

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