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Before and after the workout!

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Hi guys, what do you guys recommend for just before a work out and right after a workout!? I'm pretty much numb after I work out and it feels so good! but I really want to make sure I take care of my body and give it what it needs after I've just finished blasting it!!! Back in the day when I used to play Rugby I used to buy glucose/ fructose powder to mix and drink for after a work out, do people still do that? I want to stay as natural as possible! thanks guys! Bigbwii

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I prefer to start the workout hungry. Nothing before the workout. It makes you ready for action.

Directly after workout, fresh fruits are great, i like bananas. Or a drink of sweetened soymilk.

At home, i eat as quick as possible, a wholesome meal with complex carbs and protein.

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Hey Buddy,


I don't consider taking supplements as un-natural, as long as they are not growth hormore or anabolic drugs.


Things like protein powders, amino acids, and vitamins/minerals are fine by me.


So for me....after workout, similar to Nat, I take in some protein or meal replacement drink.


I also take in food comprising of proteins, fats and carbs. I mostly focus on the protein after workouts but take in all components.


Some foods I take within 30-60 min after training are:


-Protein drinks





-A variety of veggies


-Protein bars


I drink lots of water during and after training too.


The big thing is just getting in some food within that nutritional window of opportunity 15-45 minutes after working out.


Eat Big to Get Big


Thin Thin 10lbs heavier than a growing Topher Him

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Thanks guys, I'm sorry for my vaige use of the word "natural" I'm from a Fruitarian background and to me natural means relying on your bodies own resources and taking nothing that is processed period! personaly I'm going to have to relax my definition a bit! I think that is where the fun is anyway! the harder I work out the more I want to give my body! thanks again, Bigbwii .

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