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Kurt's journey to the stage 2010


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Day 3 of full body workout


3 sets of 10-12 reps


Incline cable chest fly


High cable cross for rear delts


Wide grip lat pulldown


Low cable bicep curl


Smith machine reverse grip bench press


Really, Really weird leg press/hack squat machine? (it did the job)


Seated horizontal leg press calf raises


ABDuctor machine


Seated unilateral hamstring curls


This was a good workout. I went to the gym at 6:30 pm after working all day. I was on my feet a lot today so the legs felt tired. Hence, why I hit them last instead of first. The weird leg press/hack squat machine actually felt really good on my back and knees. Not pain or discomfort at all. My knees have been bothering me ever since I started using the new leg press in my gym and they got rid of the old one. The old one I believe was a cybex squat press. This was the best feeling machine ever. i loved the way this thing felt. I'm still pissed they got rid of it. Anyway, I'll keep trying this other machine. My quads felt pumped after I got off of it.

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