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www.veganbodybuilding.de A NEW GERMAN WEBSITE FOR VEGAN


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Germany got an own vegan bodybuilding website with fascinating products für vegan bodybuilder.



Now it is possible to order products from Germany directly.

So expansive order-costs from abroad can be avoided.

And people who have no Englisch knowledge can talk about in a new forum in German.

I would be pleased if Robert Cheeke opens the forum with a personal message. I think he is best suited for starting it. Thanks very much! The

owner of the veganbodybuilding.de website is a vegan from Germany, Tobis Schwarz from Kassel.

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Good idea.


When you optimized your product range, i might even buy something. It seems like it's not yet finished.


You should add some products to your range:

- protein powders, not only 7 "different" soy protein powders, what about pea, rice, hemp protein?

- More bars, for example Vega bars and Cliff Builder's Bars.

- Hemp seeds and flax oil.

- Brewers yeast, VegOne vitamins.

- CEE.

- Protein dense foods, like Wheaty and Viana products.

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Can any of you who know Germany well give me some sources for shopping for whole foods? In other words, not protein powders and bars, etc. I mean a market that sells dry legumes (not canned), leafy greens, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, etc.


I guess, any store. It doesn't matter what area at this point! It's been difficult to find these things...


Also, any German-based sites where dry legumes and beans, lentils and whole grains can be ordered??? Ordering from the U.S. or other countries is just going to be too expensive.



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