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tempeh is fermented or cultured soybean cake. The beans is pressed by itself or with other grains. A culture is added to it which stimulates the process of fermentation. Depending on your facilities and equipment, you can complete the process in a relatively short or long amt of time.


Some people who are concerned about the plant hormones found in soy (I am not one of them) prefer tempeh and other types of fermented soy because it neutralizes the plant hormones.

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Whereas tofu can be thought of as fresh soy "mozzarella." I used to make my own mozzarella as an omni and I sometimes make my own tofu now. Homemade tofu is the sweetest, freshest tofu you'll ever have unless you live near a bulk producer. The process is the same. Of course, tofu doesn't have anything similar to casein so it won't melt or get stringy/stretchy.


Take milk (from soy beans), heat it, add a coagulant, remove the curds (tofu) from the whey (remaining liquid).

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