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A Finnish newbie here!


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Just joined and wow, there's huge amounts of information and also loads of motivational pictures to keep me pumping!


I'm 26, I work at Turku School of Economics as a project developer and a researcher (well, officially my title in that project is a research assistant until I graduate). I also teach breakdance at a couple of dance schools nearby. I've been a vegan for ~ 1,5 years, before that I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian since the age of 13.


I got interested in pumping iron when I was 16 but I had a small injury at the age of 17 which caused a pause for a couple of months and after that I no longer had an opportunity to work out easily. However, just a couple weeks ago I bought a bench press stuff at home and my roommate has girya weights. I've been working quite hard for a couple of weeks already. I also started eating loads of protein (in seeds, nuts, protein pasta and soy products, I try to eat only very ecological food) and started taking pure creatine ~ 10g/day. I'll take a pause on creatine soon.


I've already made some improvement but I don't want to post pics of my full body yet, however, here's my left arm (the right one is quite similar) after ~ 6 weeks of training:




It's not much (since I didn't have much to begin with) but well, you have to start somewhere.


Sry 'bout the bad pic quality, my digital camera is in Senegal along with my GF so I had to use a webcam. Actually the whole training got started because I wanted to surprise my GF when she comes back from 4 month trip to Senegal educating children. I only have 3 more weeks left, gotta train really hard for the last days!


There's quite a few vegans in Finland pumping iron, I didn't know this is so damn easy and fun. I have to get all my vegan friends pumping so that people won't keep vegans as weak and skinny people.

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here's my left arm (the right one is quite similar)

Don't know if that was meant to be funny, but I am laughing hysterically.


Welcome to the forums, tuc!




Well, it was meant to be somewhat funny. As long as you're laughing with me and not at me (or my arms) it's all good.


To all: Wow, I feel so welcome here. It seems like this forum really has a great attitude and loads of great people (not only measured by body mass)!


offense74 got it right, you spelled tervetuloa perfectly. Kan du tala mera finska?

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I did not mean to insult your physique. It was the "the other arm is quite similar" comment that had me laughing. Perhaps the humor was lost in translation.




I know no one would insult others like that in forum such as this, I got what you meant and I'm glad someone found it funny. It's allright, just tried to tease you.


I'm not a sensitive type of person in my delivery, it might take a while to get used to my comments.

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offense74 got it right, you spelled tervetuloa perfectly. Kan du tala mera finska?


I grew up in a neighborhood in the suburbs of Gothenburg where the volvo factory had a lot of flats and houses that they rented out cheap to their moved in employees. A lot of those were Finnish and thus more Finnnish people moved in. So there were always a lot of Finns around.

Except for the obvious cussing words here are a few I picked up (spelling might be totally wrong):

Sinnä ja minnä ollemä hyviä! -> You and me are good!

Makkaraperunat -> Cut up weiners and potatoes that are deep fried and served with onions. Yummy! I don't know if there is a vegan version though (last time I was in Finland I wasn't vegan) but there should be!

Olut -> Beer.

Ei saa peitää -> May not be covered. All men needs to read in the bathroom. If there is nothing else to read, you read the text on the radiator in all six languages. All Swedes know this one.

Pallo on tälä. -> The ball is here. Don't ask...

Sauna -> Sauna. Duh.

Musta makkara -> Black/blood sausage. Never had it...


I can also count to 99 (or at least I think I can). Here's 1 to 10 for those who are interested in learning:

yxi, kaxi, kolme, neliä, viisi, kuusi, seitemän, kahdexan, yhdexan, kymmennä.


For those of you who don't know, Finnish and Swedish is not at all related and as a Swede I basically don't understand a word their saying. Also the culture is quite different between the countries even though Finland was swedish territory up until about a hundred yeas ago. There are still a minor population in Finland speaking Swedish, in their own dialect.

Also a warning to Americans, if your president starts mumbling about attacking Finland, I would back out. It would be easier to conquer China. I'm not joking either. For better or worse, Finnish people are usually very patriotic.


Enough with the history and language lessons

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Were those some words to get us by in Finland Offense?


What's I am Canadian?

I have no idea

Finnish is one of the world hardest languages to learn. A word can have like 15 different forms depending on the context...


Wow that sounds like a mouth full

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Were those some words to get us by in Finland Offense?


What's I am Canadian?


I am Canadian: Minä olen kanadalainen. or: Minä olen Kanadasta. (that's I'm from Canada)


Yes, Finnish is a very difficult language, even most of the finnish people make a lot of mistakes even though the language is pronounced exactly how it is written (no exceptions). We have suffixes for everything and it really makes the whole thing quite complicated. Every noun has 15 different suffixes (just as offense74 told) instead of standard prefixes which are used in most of other languages. And a HUGE amount of exceptions in for example vowels before suffixes and everything.


offense74, I think you could manage with the Finnish you already can speak for a long time here in Finland. Some minor faults (in Finnish, you never use "x" if you're not a teen girl in written language, instead you always write "ks") but I think people would understand all you said pretty well. BTW, I have relatives living in Angered (a suburb in Göteborg)... I think they're the kind of people you learned Finnish from.


cubby2112, thanks for the compliment, I think I'm not doing too bad... but still a lot of work to be done. Luckily it's a kind of work I like!


others: thanks for feeling me even more welcome!


I'll also add a brief English-Finnish section here:


- I'm a vegan. = Minä olen vegaani.

- I don't use any animal products. = En käytä mitään eläinkunnan tuotteita.

- No, milk, cheese, fish or eggs either. = Ei myöskään maitoa, juustoa, kalaa tai munia.

- Where can I find a gym? = Missä on lähin kuntosali?


To get you started. ^_^


For more detailed vegan passport (also available in other languages), download your own here: http://www.lekkerplantaardig.net/vgp/v-pas.htm

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Thank you Tuc and Welcome to this great forum.


I am please to see one Europaen vegan coming to our forum.

It is nice also to learn about the history and languages of our diversity.


I never be in Finland, just in Sweden for 10 days by bike long time ago... I loved scandinavians... and get a very welcome from Sweden as French.


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Welcome Tuc.


I'm quite new here as well.


Hey Offense! If "Bush the Incompetent" thinks about bombing Finland, I'll move to Finland and help the Resistance! Humm, wonder if the NSA picked up on that and now I'm considered an enemy combatant? Gitmo here I come! At least they have health care at Gitmo.



Welcome Tuc.



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Thanks to all for welcoming me! Nice to see there's a lot of active people here!


Today I ordered some more iron, I ran out of weights in bench press for some time ago already and because of that I've been doing ~ 15-18 rep sets which is bad for my progress. Now I'm eagerly waiting for to get my ~ 100kg delivery.


I ordered:


- A curl bar (Kettler, max 150kg )

- 2 x dumbell bars


Some cast iron weights:


- 2 x 20 kg

- 4 x 5 kg

- 4 x 1,25 kg

- 4 x 0,5 kg


And then something light for my friends to get the total sum over 150€ (a free delivery from where I ordered if the order is larger than 150€).


I'll never run out of weights again. Well, never say never...

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