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My "Big" Christmas Present This Year...


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My husband bought me my first pair of climbing shoes. They are vegan-friendly and awesome. I climbed in them yesterday and they are so much better than rentals.


I also bought myself a new harness (it was a discontinued model, so I got a deal) and he got me my own chalk bag and chalk ball. I felt like such a noob going into the rock gym with all of my shiny new gear, but I was also so excited to have good quality stuff of my own.

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Very cool. Climbing is super cool. Gyms are ok..I'm interested in outdoor climbing....tons of areas around me.


Haha, I am the total opposite. I love climbing in the gym and have no interest in climbing outside... for now anyway.



And Potter, you're right! These were around $79, which is actually on the low end from the shoes I was looking at! I hope to make sure that they're a good investment and keep up climbing.

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