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VG Burgers! And some other photos taken in Colorado


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Ok, so I'm in Colorado (Canon City, specifically) for a few days. My daughter and I took a roadtrip to Boulder to visit VG Burgers and enjoy some music and scenery along the way. Check out their website - they are awesome in every way.


I got a falafel burger, loaded up with hummus, sliced cucumbers and greens:



Danielle got a black bean burger. It usually comes pre-loaded with guacamole, but I think she just got greens on hers.



On the way out, holding my organic agave-sweetened rootbeer (and wearing an obnoxiously large, but warm, sweater)



Danielle, braving the cold to show off the Food Fight tshirt she found in my suitcase.



The food was so good... we we went back a while later for another black bean burger and a shake to eat on the drive back to the hotel.


Obligatory scenery photo, taken from a train in Royal Gorge:



Another view from the Gorge, looking up at the Royal Gorge Bridge. If one were to fall from the bridge, this would be the view they would have, about 9 feet off the ground.



Me, inside the Red Barn organic food store in Canon City, Colorado:


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1. What happened to your head?

2. You go from Texas to Colorado for a burger? Sometimes I'm too lazy to go to he store down the street to get bananas....


Michelle don't you love this big doof !


I think your new hair is hot ! What does your daughter think about it?


Thanks for posting the pictures.

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