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2008 Goals.


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Run more 5ks,and do them in better times

Be nicer to my brother (lol)

Be a good fit vegan role model for my community

Finally get my damn personal trainer certification

get job in fitness field once I'm certified(I don't care what job I have to do)

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- I'll gain 8kg (that's ~ 18lbs) by eating and training more than ever.


- I'll finish my master's thesis.


- I'll spend a lot of time with my GF.


- I'll sleep more.


- I'll try to reduce the CO2 emissions of my consuming even more than before and offset the rest.


- I'll convert at least 1 non-vegan.


- I'll do better flares (that's a bboy move) than before.


- I'll run for the city council in Turku and get elected (or at least I'll get loads of votes).

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Goal number 1:

Fit into the smallest pants that I own.

I wore these pants over 20 years ago and still have them.

A "like new" pair of Levi 501s

I haven't been able to fit into them for about 20 years.


Goal number 2:

Put on muscle while still being able to fit into the above pants.


Barbell Bench Press 315 pounds at least once.

Squat: 20 reps of 200 pounds by the end of Feb.

Deadlift: Not sure where I'm at with this, so I'll just say 400 pounds.

Be able to do multiple pullups, I can't do any right now.

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Learn how to cook for myself


Start running so I can sign up for all those 5K charity races


Get all A's in my classes (this extends beyond 2008, but one day at a time, right?)


Find my passion


Become more social and outgoing


Volunteer more


Take a class and learn something new (right now sailing and yoga are high on the list)


There's probably more but I don't want to scare myself so I'll stick with these for now...

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get a job (i might have one, so that's almost achieved)


get a car

make new friends and be more social

be more independent

do more art, find some art classes or studios

read more for fun

eat better/more

gain more muscle

get some abs showin without having to flex em and contort my body

do stuff, and get stuff done!


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None and many .... have lot's of plans. But don't believe in magic start dates. So just continue to set, meet, exceed goals and repeat

I'm the same way, but I did recently set some new goals, and it does just happen to be the new year, so I'll give it a go...


1. Squat 315 for reps. On the one hand I'm like "oh that's impossibly heavy", but on the other hand, that's only adding 7.5lbs a month....


2. Eat more vegetables. I've been eating a lot more whole foods since I've been coming to this board. Seeing other people eat really healthy inspires me to do the same.



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