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In 2006 the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM.org) launched a free, noncommerical web site, NutritionMD.org, to provide nutrition information for doctors and patients as well as guidance on how to begin low fat vegan diets. It provides hundreds of recipes, shopping lists, and other user friendly information.



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I find it a little funny though that they kinda dodge the nuts and seeds question. It's not mentioned as neither a food you should eat nor a food you shouldn't.

Esselstyn, McDougall and Barnard are well aware of science not supporting them in this case but they stay on track with their old dogmas because it has become somewhat of a religion to them. I love when Fuhrman gets in their face about it...

I also know that Dr. Fuhrman has a study in the making that will be published sometime in the near future (can't remember where or when) and the results so far seems to be better than both Ornish and Esselstyn (as one would expect if one knows the research). It will be fun to see how they will handle it...

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I just posted a book review of Dr. Barnard's book on diabetes.


In that book he went out of his way to mention the health benefits of eating nuts and soy.


However, he said he could not recommend using those foods to his new diabetic patients because his program for reversing diabetes hinges on reducing intracellular fat in addition to reducing body fat. He does that by getting dietary fat down to about 10% of a person's daily calories.


In other words, those foods are not forbidden in his book, nor are they evil( he has praise for them), they are just not useful for his purposes.


I've seen Dr. Esselstyn speak. He said he writes about treating very sick heart patients so his program has to be strict. He said it isn't meant for healthy people ( and he had no advice in that regard ).


However, I ate with him several times and it looks like he follows his own plan. I would guestimate his age to be anywhere from the late 60s to early 70s. He is slim, trim, in great health and in good shape.

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