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Still not a blog (now with some pics)

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But every once in a while writing down where I'm at seems like a decent idea so -


(ps - numbers over form for me, so it may not look clean when I do it)


weight 175.5 (I vary between that and 180ish depending on how much I drink/eat over the weekend).


Dbell bench flat - 100x8 (finally got back up there and I'm about 30lbs less than last time I did it)

"" incline - 95x7

"" decline - same


dbell seated shoulder 75x10 90's so I can be pressing my high weight would be cool but I'm not sweating it a whole lot

dbell one arm upright pulls 75x9

dbell front raise 55x9


seated row 177.5 x 10 (x2)

pulls/chins 10 (x2)



Tabor top loop (5.35 miles) 7:00x pace is the pr for now.

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Still same weight.


Still sore knee.


Hopefully running again by march.


Maybe spend three weeks in hawaii for spring break if I can find housing. That'd be nice...


Also throwing the 4lb medicine ball x 20 for each arm and two handed. Throw seems to be improving in dball.



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We be stronger then for sure.


I did 9,7,7 again today. I think Friday's seem to be my strong day since I get more rest during the week maybe? My form was weak too.


But I now have a two veins in my lower abs I can see. I think I'm losing bodyfat or retained water. Either way I'm happy

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I'm finally splitting a little, heavy chest/back Wed - heavy shoulders Sat

Wednesday - 182ish


(Burn through the witches)

100s x 12, 8, 6 flat

100s x 8, 6 incline

me + 50lb-belt x 12 dips


(Rock superstar/looking for a dime)

80 x 8 seated press

160 x 6 machine press

85 x 7 standing pulls

60 x 7 front raise


(Rebel heart)

100 x 10, 10 bench pulls

185 x 8 machine row


me + 50lb-belt x 6 pullups

me + 50lb-belt x 5 chins

me + 50lb-belt x 6 close grip chins



40 x 10, 10 bicep bs

75 x 10 throwin-lift


Saturday - 178ish (I gained a few lbs of fat or muscle or both since 1/08)


(Burn through the witches)

100s x 10, 9 flat

100s x 8 incline

me + 50lb-belt x 10 dips


(Rock superstar/looking for a dime)

80 x 8, 8 seated press

160 x 8, 9 machine press

85 x 7(?) standing pulls

60 x 7(?) front raise


4lb x 20, 10 throws, then sidearm

2lb x 20, 10 throws, then sidearm


(Rebel heart)

100 x 8, 8 bench pulls


me + 50lb-belt x 6 pullups

me + 50lb-belt x 5 chins

me + 50lb-belt x 6 close grip chins



40 x 10, 10 bicep bs

75 x 10 throwin-lift


I had some time so I put plates (45) on the leg press and did

plates/side x reps


2 x 10

3 x 10

4 x 8

5 x 5

6 x 3


My last one's were weak form, no spotter and didn't want to get stuck. Felt nice at the time, a little sore day after. I may add these on Saturdays.


Now seeing shoulder veins branching off the main one. Also caught notice of a lat vein. Finally ripped the sleeves off my remaining vbb shirt, slit the neck, and lifted in it.



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Bum knee so no legs for a few weeks. At least it still bends to 90 and is walkable. Can't cut left/right or run fast or backwards at all though. A kid asked me if I was a fighter, I told him I just play a lot of dodgeball. Meanwhile now he's got me kicking around the idea of going to straight blast. And dude from SA at work was saying SA has some crime like woah. WC2008 got a tiny bit of stress now. Showed a few kids how to kill their abs too. I'm still not doing abs but I can still rip some twists. Using some flax oil recently on a pretty regular basis as a salad dressing. Good stuff. Liking the split workouts too. Although with the bummed knee it's hard to want give up the only solid physical activity I got going just because I'm trying to focus on one group.


Some recent workout:




100 x 12, 10, 8

100 x 7, 6 (knee's not helping this, need it to brace myself) did 8-8 here the other day - but less on the flat, it probably all works out


80 x 9, 5 (knee's a bug here too) did 8,8 the other day - dunno if that's better

85 x 9ea

160 x 10 (bless the machine)

60 x 8ea


+50 (bless the dip belt)

8 pullups bent grip

7 pullups straight grip

8 chins standard

7 chins close


+90 (made me smile)

5, 3 dips


192.5 x 10,10 close grip, wide grip machine row


45 x 11ea some bicep bs


100 x 7 behind the head


Now tossing the 6lb medicine ball. 20 overhand, 20 sidearm, 20 soccer, 20 left sidearm


The only good workout is the one you'll actually do. Everything else is nothing. Yeah buddy.

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Some top numbers lately


105s flat x 9, 8, 4

105s incline x 4 (97's x 9 i think)

82s press x 8, 6 (or 6, 8 maybe)

82s standing pulls x 8ea

52s front raise x 8 ea

dip+70 x 10

pulls +50 x 8

chins +50 x 10

100s bench rows x 8 (used to be able to hit this to ten, if i slept more on the weekends and started eating more I bet it could go back up)

50s curls x 8ea

82s soccer press


as always, form isn't my strong point

good lifting music helps me by 20% or more

I'm now the owner of a Loprinzis shirt

I play indoor soccer


go me.




edit to add: yeah buddy.

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Dude, we were looking for you at Loprinzi's Monday night last week.....I'll text you when we'll be there....we've been hitting up that gym once a week or so to get a change of pace from 24 Hour Fitness and we just think that gym rocks!


Later bro.......have a great week.

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I'm still around. I'm sure we'll all bump into each other sooner or later Nice to know you guys are keeping an eye out for me. I'm in on Monday and Thursday evenings, usually between 5 and 7...


Meanwhile, note to self:


110x 5,3 flat

105x 4,4 incline


And some other stuff...


Yeah Buddy.

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Form is getting better on the bench.


110 x 6, 5 (It may have been 5, 5... I didn't write it down)


105 x 6 on the incline got me a small ovation from a few dudes on the bench on Monday.


I'm putting 200 on the leg press, dude comes over and asks to work in. I offer to pull some plates if he wants. Then he explains he has a leg injury and just wants to test it out with something light and kicks out as many reps as I do in a set on my non-injured legs. But I guess that's cool right, I mean my legs used to be crazy and I worked like woah on my upper body to bring that into alignment and now I think I load on the leg press just a lil more than I load on the flat bench. I could probably rock my legs out again pretty quick if I wanted to invest the work... but I like the way my jeans fit.


Meanwhile. I just looked back at my first page. Not much change in strength I don't think. Maybe a bit but nothing crazy. I'm thicker but I weight a good 10 pounds more... I need to start running again once school's out. I bet I couldn't do an 8 minute mile let alone 5 7's. Also some pics. First one of each side is a year and a half ago or so. Second one of each is a few months back. But with these results from just throwing weight around 2x a week, no real plan or tracking or diet, I'm a happy camper - and I'm thinking I can probably maintain it without much issue.







edit to add a few more I found:


2000 ish (probably 10-20lbs under my peak weight)



2002 ish (this is after I lost 35lbs or so from my peak? no real activity difference, just went vegan and stopped eating total junk, lifting once a month maybe?)





2004 maybe? (after I lost another 35?)





3-4 months of regular lifting after the 2004 ones.



Growing up I was maybe 170-180... Got bigger in college. I think the highest I ever saw on a scale was 237. Lowest I ever saw on a scale was 167 but I'd guess I had a couple pounds under that at some point. I was skinnier than I ever remembered being. At one point I was sucking in gut to squeeze into 36" waist jeans (the baggy ones), on the other end I was slipping in to some 30s that were pretty snug too. Now I'm a 31" or so.


Yeah buddy,


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It has been a while hasn't it. I feel like a bum for never making it out to any of the ptown events.


Meanwhile on the lifting front...


105s on the incline scared a dude who wanted to challenge me to 115s on the flat bench. I declined his offer but may take it up in a week or two... he hit 4 reps.


yeah buddy.

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