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Still not a blog (now with some pics)

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Yeah buddy! You do splits though right? I'm a whole body each time kind of dude, although I do skip legs sometimes... I bet we could figure something out. I usually go Monday and Thursdays still.

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Friday: Full lift routine, same weights I've been doing for a while.

Sunday: Ran 26.6 miles. 4:10 give or take a couple minutes. Did 16.2 a week prior. And 40miles total each week for the last 3 weeks prior. Didn't really plan to do the marathon... but I guess I did. Not having a gf makes more time to run it looks like...

Monday: Full lift routine, same weights, still pushin the 105s in each hand, alternating and together, 7 reps. Did some 100s for a few sets too.

Wooha. Yeah buddy.

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