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New vegan on the block.


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Hi gang,


I have been vegan for about a week now. I was once a vegetarian many years ago, then for some reason decided to be a predator again. I think putting on some muscle was a big concern. Once a meat eater, it was easy to turn a blind eye to all of the cruelty and environmental destruction that is a result of the meat and dairy industry by remaining in ignorance.

I thought if I just bought organic, free range meat and eggs that it was okay. Well, I was wrong. Someone very close to me bought a book called Skinny Bitch. I opened it to glance at a couple of pages and couldn't put it down until I finished the book. The authors, in a very "in your face" way, list all of the health, environmental and animal cruelty consequences of a meat and dairy diet. Suddenly I was reminded of why I had become a vegetarian so many years ago and was awash with the guilt of my choices otherwise. I can't do it anymore and am happy to make the switch to vegan and once again be a part of the solution!


So far the food has been amazing (me being such a good cook doesn't hurt) and I don't miss meat or dairy at all. As most newbies who want to maintain muscle, I feel a little like a deer in headlights as far as vegan nutrition goes and I want to make sure that I get enough protein and that my other macro-nutrients are balanced. I was a little concerned when I saw that most vegan protein powders have 8 grams of protein per serving versus the 24 to 36 I was used to. I'm sure that it will be an educational process and I welcome any advice or help you may offer.


To our health and the health of the planet,


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I checked out your imdb profile, very cool. Welcome to the boards.


Building muscle as a vegan isn't much different than as a meat eater. Train hard and eat.


Soy and pea protein are probably the best protein sources as a vegan.


This is a good site to buy from, very popular around here.




The Gemma Protein is pea protein, they also have soy and hemp.

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Hey Russell,


Welcome to the board! And thanks for the myspace friend request. Glad to have you on my page.


I also became a Vegan for environmental reasons. You sound like me... when something makes sense we can no longer deny it and live like a hypocrate. When I first came across all of the articles that showed me how much dairy and eating fish hurts the planet and eco-system, I knew I had no choice but to give it all up and "walk the walk".


I too, was concerened about my physique when I went Vegan. I just didn't want to get fat because I have a very carb-sensitive body.


You will find lots of info on this site regarding high protein Vegan sources that do have over the 7 grams you mentioned (I know... what's up with that right? LOL). I don't ever take in less than 25 grams a meal so you can definitely find good supplements that meet this criteria.


So glad to have you here.

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Here is a link the USDA nutrition database. Very easy to use and it is the standard sites and software that are not free use. Not all legumes and grains are equal in terms of amount of protein. Even without soy you can choose legume and grain combinations that will give you 25 grams of protein per meal ( or more if you eat more ) for a modest amount of calories:




Plain organic soy beans the way you would make any other bean look and taste like navy beans, are CHEAP, packed with protein, and have tons of other nutrients. Then there is a plethora of soy foods and vegan soy protein powders all of which have massive amounts of protein.


Seitan is a natural wheat gluten product, also very high in protein and you will see it used in many faux meats.


Like I said, even with some of the more humble beans you can find in any supermarket you can easily get at least 25 grams of protein per meal.

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