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72 Year Old Veg Bodybuilder...

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Part of an interview from his website:


DY: How would your diet for the Mr. America compare with now?


JM: Consider that leading up to the Mr. A I was dealing with a completely different body than I have now. I was 36, half my current age, in heavy training, taking lots of steroids, living in the Hollywood Hills, training in Pasadena, both very warm to freaky hot. And the goal of my diet was to build as much muscle as quickly as possible along with losing as much fat as quickly as possible. Actually I talked about that diet earlier, so I will get into what I am doing now.


Obviously, I am not training for competition, so I don't require the quantities I used to eat. My goal is maximum health, so the purity of my food is of the utmost importance now. I want to counter the natural tendency to gain fat where that was not a factor then. And I live at the beach, which is very cool, a completely different climate. It's now known that the human body can derive all the essential amino acids from the natural variety of plant proteins that we encounter everyday. It doesn't require eating higher quantities of plant protein or meticulously combining varieties of plants.


My primary goal now is more an experiment than anything else. I want to know just how pure I can get my diet permanently, and what will happen to my health, body, knowledge. I want to know what the experience of being absolutely as clean of unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary substances is like. Will it make a difference? A big difference? No difference? So I no longer eat any animal products or anything containing animal products. Someone said, "I don't eat anything with eyes." That pretty well sums it up. I also don't eat anything that has been processed in any way. That means no breads or cereals. I eat from four basic food groups: fruits, nuts, vegetables and beans.



I always have a large pot of bean soup in the fridge. No seasonings at all. Sometimes I will put vegetables in it-yams, potatoes, bell peppers, red, yellow and green, white potatoes, carrots, cherry tomatoes, whatever may be around. I have collard greens, spinach or mustard greens every day. I only eat once daily what could be considered a meal. But I will snack on nuts and fruits once or twice a day.


I do not measure, weigh or count anything. I only eat when I'm hungry, and I drink only when I'm thirsty. The whole eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day thing could not be more absurd. I will sit and eat peanuts and grapes. That's my version of peanut butter and grape jelly. By doing that, I eliminate the processing, along with the added salt and sugar. I microwave everything except the beans because microwaving destroys less nutrients than any other way of cooking, including steaming and broiling.

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"I microwave everything except the beans because microwaving destroys less nutrients than any other way of cooking, including steaming and broiling."




Yeah what's that about? I've read articles about studies that show that microwaving your food kills most of everything that was good about it... I would like to know more about this...

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