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Perhaps the best in Vegan Muscle?


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I was just contacted by someone who has been vegan for 22 years and is an Extremely accomplished athlete.


I'm working on an interview to feature him on our main site and I'm looking forward to learning more about him.....but for now, here is an image to think about:



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Little tid-bits I can release now are that he is his country's national champion in powerlifting, has been vegan 22 years, and training for 33 years.


Impressive stuff! I'm looking forward to the interview too! I have more pics but I want to release it all with the awesome profile feature.


So, until then, sit on the edge of your seats.


I have another awesome vegan athlete profile coming soon too. This other guy is a two-time World Champion wrestler, nearly a world record holder in power lifting and is also vegan


More to come on some of these strong me who (found me, and one I found)

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Maybe he'll join the group. We'll see.


The cool thing is that there are tons of great vegan athletes all over the place. Sometimes we get caught up in who is great that we've heard of, or who's on the internet, or sometimes we just focus on athletes in our own country, whatever country that may be.


But there are great athletes everywhere. For example, Brendan Brazier's roommate in Canada years ago was a vegan tri-athlete who won the Gold Medal in the Olympics. Yet, I bet not a single person here knew about it. I didn't until this weekend in L.A. when Brendan and I were talking about athletes because we were both interviewed by a major publication (largest yet for me).


So anyway, there are many more awesome profiles to come.



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He looks fantastic - he has that density that only comes with a lifetime of lifting.


I am almost certain he is the same guy who posts as Deavman on veganfitness. He is an 88kg Israeli powerlifter, with a 192kg squat, 170kg bench and 240kg deadlift.


Seems like a really nice bloke too.

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Yeah, that's him I hadn't heard of him before but I was excited to hear from him.


That is the exact reaction I had (density from a lifetime of lifting) that is almost exactly how I explained it verbally to some people a few days ago when I saw the pics.


Awesome stuff!


I really enjoy finding out about more and more of these successful and "huge" vegan athletes

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