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Live Food Rock Star diagnosed with breast cancer


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Ya. I never really understood why people believed that.


I was raw for 6 months and I only eat cooked beans and quiona/amaranth now, so I still eat 95% raw most of the day.


When I first went raw and doing all the research on it, especially from David Wolfe and all those people. I didnt believe anything they said about being disease proof.


Im sure her eating lifestyle may help her heal faster than the other patients who eat crap foods. Go Bif!

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I'm just throwing this out there for good measure.


You also have to think what her lifestyle was like before raw. Also what kind of a raw foodist was she? I have seen some - what I call junk raw fooders. Not every raw foodists diet is equal!!!


None the less there is always room for disease in this day and age.

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I agree with Charlie. The cells begin changing at leat 10 years prior to the actual diagnosis of breast cancer. Remember that genetics play a huge role in who is more likely to be diagnosed with cancer or any other disease. We can do our best to fight disease with diet and exercise, but nothing can make us disease proof.


With that, you have to consider the area she lives in (a valley or high industrial area). Cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, lotions, medications are all factors as well. It is proven that parabens and other perservatives and chemicals in products causes cancer. And, birth control pills are one of the leading causes of breast cancer.

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For 10+ yrs Her diet and lifestyle has been straight and clean.

Unless you consider Vega junk food.


I just know some people believe that living raw you can be indestructible.

I been raw for 1.5 yrs. If I thought I was indestructible I would be able to run through walls !

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Aw.. poor Bif

She is awesome.


My heart goes out to her in this trying time,

I've known a number of women who have gotten breast cancer.



And I agree that cancer can be non-discriminitory, however I feel

being a slave to allopathic medicine because of that fact is kind of

a ridiculous approach.


Though we all know a whole foods vegan diet is probably one of

the healthiest diets you can follow, environmental factors and

ancestory do play a role.




And please.... lets not forget, how many diseases a live foods raw

vegan diet/& whole foods diet have reversed and continue

to reverse every single day!

And will also (in my humble opinion) help reverse this cancer.


At least we know it is not the cause.




Also, a side note, I do question the validity of this article.

Purely because of the context in which it was written, and the

fact it comes across (to my skeptical mind) as being a mammogram/

cancer center promotion to me.

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I've read several articles on Bif now, and they all have similar quotes. Some might be surprised to read that she'll be getting chemo, etc..


I agree that food can't make you disease-proof. I'm pretty sure Bif eats better than 98% of the population.. I think it's ridiculous that people will question if she's been 'raw enough'....


Even a 'junk food' raw foodist should be worlds above your SAD eater...if someone eating a 'poor' raw diet isn't a vast improvement, i dunno what else i can say..


All the best to Bif and her future.

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I completely agree that nothing will make you disease proof in this world. Some people are better off than others in certain factors such as diet, air quality, relationships, etc. That is why some people who eat complete junk are able to outlive so called "health nuts" and never get sick. I think the person that has put it best is Brendan Brazier in both of his books (Thrive & The Thrive Diet), where he discusses different stressors and the role they play on health.


Ultimately, we all have a different history which has shaped our current state of health. All that we can do is make the best of what we have, and strive to be the best that we can. Bif was and is still doing this, and she is a fine example for many to follow.

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There are many scientists and holistic practitioners that argue that birth control pills cause breast/cervical cancer....especially those that contain higher doses of estrogen. If you read the fine print in the pamphlet that comes with a pack, it will state that taking birth control pills increases your risk for certain types of cancers. Not the same as being "a leading cause of breast cancer", but obvioulsy they won't put that in the pamphlet.

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And, birth control pills are one of the leading causes of breast cancer.


This is not true.


I did a little medline-search, DV. And at least some scientists think it is a risk-factor...





Which is completely different from being a leading cause. Actually, stating that being of the female sex is the leading cause of breast cancer is more accurate since so few men get it.

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Marriage is also the leading cause of divorce


LOL! Sorry, I went off topic as well. While we're at it, procreation of humans is the leading cause of natural habitat destruction, pollution and animal suffering. Couldn't help myself.

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It's definetly weird that Bif got breast cancer despite her healthy lifestyle. I know that when she was younger, she was heavy into drinking and smoking. She had an abusive marriage when she was 19 and has spent most of her life on the road. During her tours it would be very difficult for her to eat properly.. They would play a show almost every night, and the band would usually get stuff like pizza and other stuff that Bif couldn't have. When Vega came out it was like a godsend to her.

Bif is adopted, as many people know.. And so was her birth mom. She's also never had children which has been proven to help prevent breast cancer.

To be honest, Vancouver isn't the cleanest place to live either. There's a lot of pollution. It's stressful too.. A lotta crime. Bif's had her tires slashed and stuff like that.

I believe that since she's a raw vegan she'll have a better chance of beating this. Btw I know a lot about Bif cuz I'm friends with some of her old band members. I'm not a crazy Bif stalker lol

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procreation of humans is the leading cause of natural habitat destruction, pollution and animal suffering.


High five!



But WE are human..

(personally I think it's more adhering to tradition for "tradition sake" is what is the main culprit.. the "creature of habit" mentality of the masses.)



We can change this.

We have the power within all of us to live in harmony with this planet.


This generation has just gotta make it happen.




As the lovely Tonya Kay said in an interview once...

"Motion is Growth, and Stagnancy is Death"



& personally, I believe this planet is just beginning to come alive...




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