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Newbie in NY


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Hi! I've enjoyed reading through the site and am so happy to have found this site.


I've been teaching group fitness for 10 years now, and compete in triathlons. I became vegan several years ago after discovering my baby had allergies (I was breastfeeding). It was really the best I had ever felt in my life!


I was able to stay vegan for 3 years, then we started moving around and were always on the go so eating out and making quick lunches to take with me ruined what I had going. Once I started eating sugar and hamburgers again, it was difficult to stop.


During the past few years, I've really thought about what I'm feeding my body and my children's little bodies. I also have watched way too many PETA clips at this point!


I have been successfully following a vegan diet for a few months now. The struggle for me is food preparation, and what to feed my kids! They do not want big leafy salads with peppers and tomatoes in them!

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Welcome to the forum!


Maybe the link below can help you with food prep for the kids:




Welcome to the board.


How funny, I was just about to suggest Vegan Lunchbox to her DV!!!


I also love the Uncheese Cookbook for ideas to feed kids.


I don't own it though I browse it for new ideas everytime I'm in the Health Food Store though.

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Welcome to the forum The kids should learn to like big salads anyway so just keep making them. Its something every kid should be eating even if they still at meat.

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