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People watching at the gym


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I usually use my gym towel wrapped around the bar... But then I read all this macho "no padding talk" and tried no towel on my ATG squats the other day...


My traps must be getting bigger, because last time I tried this, my spine got bruised. That was back when I was doing working sets with 135lbs.


Doesn't seem to be a problem now...



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Perhaps even better are the people who'll load 270 lbs onto the bar and proceed to deadlift with the biggest damn arch in their back, screaming or huffing the whole way. I don't know how they manage that without their discs launching out their backs. As someone with lower back problems (from before I ever started lifting) I say it just isn't fair.



Lest we forget the Bar banging on the floor which almost seems like it is done on purpose to catch attention for being distracting. Way to ruin every single rep and put unnecessary stress on all the joints.


And of course the ones who insist on throwing the dumbells as far as they can out of their hands when they are done on the bench, how obnoxious.

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