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Against new radio music...


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Im hoping this doesnt anger some, but I need to release some steam.


At my work we have a radio. If I was boss I would even have one, maybe some sattelite stuff with no commericals on a classical channel all day long.


Anyways. So we have three different employess including me.


I seem to be the only one who hates almost everything that is on the radio today. Popular radio, I should say. We have three local channels that I love. One is an indie channel, playing nothing commercial radio plays. The other is a news channel, and the other a classical station.


Anyways. So because people need to have constant noise in their life, the radio is always on. Commericals 20 minutes out of an hour, music the rest.


The only station I can stand to listen to is oldies. You know, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, etc.


But they change it to ther pop stations. This music gives me headaches. It seems like it takes no skill, or not even a good voice anymore to have a hit. Its packaged for the masses crap.


I have a head ache :/

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I, too, hate most radio music. In my gym at college there is always this top 40s station on. I have mostly learned to ignore it, because the only other option is insanity. It is still irritating though, when I suddenly notice the song on and it is some synthpoppy garbage being belted out by a skanky-looking (sorry if skanky is an insulting word to some people) "artist" who doesn't write her own lyrics or music. Either that or it is "Crazy Bitch" song. Uuuggghhh! Sorry, this is a sore subject for me.

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Personally I think almost all new music just sucks. I'm rarely impressed anymore...and if I can't be impressed I'll just stick to what impressed me when it came out.

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