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Can you Moonwalk?


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I can a little, but I'm not very good. davidtarrfoster is pretty good. I'm going to keep practicing because it's a pretty sweet move to be able to bust out when you're out dancing (though so much easier without shoes and non-sweaty socks).


Practice here:



Watch a collection of MJ here:



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I cant moon walk but im adept at slides and glides. I do a circle glide where my body rotates in different directions and a cross over side to side glide. Im working on doing a pentacle form glide and reversing it, because i saw a dancer do this and it blew my mind. No one should have that kind of foot agility.



Also robert if your interested in glides i can make a could of how to videos for you, let me know. Like i said its different than micheal jackson.


Also do a search for the liquidpopcollective on youtube. They have a couple of how to videos. Amazing stuff, i had forget about them until troy mentioned them in another thread.

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