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It has been a long time coming my friends....welcome lelle!


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You've been on here longer than most. I'd have to check but I bet you were one of our first 50 members and now we have around 1000 registered users.


Speaking of 1000.....welcome to the club!


lelle made it to the magical number of 1000 posts, to join 28 others who own the member's only jackets!


Great to have you here! Thanks for all your work promoting this site, inviting dozens of friends from Germany and organizing and facilitating the body transformation challenge of 2007 and for everything else you do here.


You have arrived and we appreciate all of your contributions.


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I'm teasing man. I love you dude. I'm glad lelle has 2 threads. I researched it and he was the 45th person to sign up way back in 2005


Now we have around 1000 registered users who have posted (I still need to clean out spam and prevent more spam).


But anyway, lelle has been around for a long time so it's fitting that he has 2 threads

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