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Sam's progress

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I thought I'd start a thread with some photos of my progress. I really am just starting and at the moment I'm focusing on improving my fitness through swimming. I also do some work on my arms, shoudlers and abs with resistance bands, push ups, sit ups, pull ups etc.. just bodyweight exercises for now.


Here are some photos from 2 weeks ago -






Here are some from today.. not much difference, but I'm definitely feeling a lot fitter since I've been swimming at least 1000m every second day and working with the resistance bands.










I am 6' and 70 kg in these photos (154 lb).

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Thanks for the replies. I am feeling a lot better! On top of the swimming and resistance work I've been cycling quite a bit lately. I really don't have much of a routine.. I just do as I please and try to mix it up a bit.


To be completely honest the main motivation behind getting into better shape was the fact that I'm going to America to see my girlfriend in around 4 weeks! haha.. I haven't seen her since December last year, so it gave me a bit of time to do something.


I live in Newcastle and I usually swim in an indoor pool, so I can keep doing that throughout winter.

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Just signed up to my university's gym for 12 months. I'm going to take advantage of their olympic sized indoor pool, gym and rock climbing wall


I think actually having the membership is going to keep me more motivated to train because I want to make the most of it since I'm paying for it.


I've been eating better than ever lately and feeling great. I just bought Veganomicon and I'm trying out some new recipes which is exciting.

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I feel that my general fitness has improved a lot. I've been working out a the gym 3 times each week for the past two weeks. I usually ride my bike on the days I don't lift weights. It's the first gym membership I've had


New photos taken in the morning after waking up on 23rd July.





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Some definite improvement there.

Chest and Shoulders look thicker, plus more definition overall.

Keep it up




I feel that I haven't made much progress in terms of size, but my cardio fitness and endurance has improved a lot.

As I mentioned earlier I have joined a gym and started lifting whereas before I was doing only body weight exercises at home, so hopefully I'll start to see some gains in size

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Yeah you will definitely see some gains, now you have started at a gym.

If you have any questions about Protein powders etc, feel free to send me a PM,

the brands over here are a little different, but we can get most things that people talk about on this forum.

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Excuse the cheesy grin..









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