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Sam's progress

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Wow you have made amazing progress. Great job man.


Thanks I'm just glad the work is paying off


in my opinion the best way to show the shoulders is the most muscular pose. try that one and take one more photo.


Awesome, I'll try that.


Bloody hell!


I haven't checked this topic for a while and you've made incredible process in so little time! Massive gains!


Thanks tuc. You are definitely an inspiration and seeing your results has motivated me so much.


Holy wow (What Tuc said lol)


Compared to your first pics in this thread posted on the Tue Jan 15, 2008 + 2 weeks


So from Jan the 1st to the 25th...less than a month you get those results?!?!?!


Sam, tell me what you're doing and tell me now man!


Thanks Robert. Yeah I was swimming 1500 m twice a week and using resistance bands and I guess I toned up a little. There wasn't any real gain in size in those two weeks but I lost a bit of fat.


Lately I feel like my upper body strength has increased and I think it has something to do with all the push ups we've been doing for the challenge. So thanks for starting that!


Between June and December I just ate ate ate and trained consistently. At first I didn't really know what I was doing but I read about 5 x 5 programs and they have worked well. From December 3 - Jan 19 I was travelling, so I haven't been as consistent with it all, but I'm home now and back into it!


I eat lots, train hard, drink lots of water and sleep at least 8 hours each night. Right now I'm using Ryan's (vegan essentials) power training routine - http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=article_ryantraining


It's 2009 now, RobertSupreme. So his first post was from just over a year ago.


Yes those first pics are from a year ago, when I was swimming and doing some resistance training. I started lifting weights in June/July 2008. I was around 70 kg in those first photos and I'm around 83.5 - 84 kg in the mornings now. Evening weight has been as high as 86 kg this week.

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Some recent photos









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The photo on the left is from Halloween 2007. My girlfriend and I were ceiling fans..get it?.. in case you're wondering what's up with the singlet and everything. I started lifting about 8 months after that photo was taken. The photo on the right is from last night.


Back then I was about 70 kg, now I'm around 87 - 89 kg.



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Another comparison - Left is me around August 07, 11 months before I started lifting. Right is today, 9 months after I started working out.



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The latest pics with comparison to 2008 state are INCREDIBLE! GODDAMN! The most inspirational stuff I've seen for a while since you are quite accurately as tall as I am and I was also around 70kg when I started.


I am SO MUCH behind you... gotta go lifting -> cya!

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