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What does your bodybuilding supplement counter look like?


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Hey, what does your bodybuilding supplement counter look like? Here's mine and I bet it kicks your counter's butt.


I could add more to it if I want since some things are in the fridge and I have unlimited Vega in the basement. But here are a few images:







Please feel free to share your photos.

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Hahaha, nice!

I keep my stuff atop the fridge as well. I have tons of stuff in the cabinet behind the fridge too. But that stuff is either for a cutting cycle I plan on doing eventually, or stuff I got from the Olympia for free (I got alot of stuff).


I'll post a picture of my supplement area in a few days, after I get settled in back home.

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I know this supplements post is under "bodybuilding" and I'm not a "bodybuilder" but I'm posting mine anyway because I just got my camera replaced and I'm taking pictures like crazy hehehe...

I don't actually have a supplement counter, most of my stuff is in the fridge. But I pulled out what I'm using sometimes to regularly.. it varies a lot but this is mostly it right now... most of my "supplements" are just foods. I use coconut oil regularly too but just ran out last night..



New Greens, Vega, Hemp, flax seeds, sprouts, brasil nuts, raw cacao, vanilla beans, ginger, cayenne, b-12, D, cal/mag, etc....

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Troy, buy the Dulse in bulk if you like using it (noticed you have two bags). You save like 50%


Lean and Green... good call, I was checking out their site a couple weeks ago and as soon as I run out I was going to buy from their site... I think I'm going to buy the Dulce Flakes this time as its cheaper and I think it will be easier to sprinkle on my rice and quinoa. Good lookin out...

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Well, I know its proably a question you have heard 1000 times Robert, but does Vega have a EU seller outside of the UK? I have begun my cutting fase quite well and this already got me thinking on bulking...


Not at the moment, we're just in the UK, Taiwan in Asia, and all over Canada and the US.


I can help send orders anywhere though. I can get discounts, and give discounts on shipping to anywhere in the country. I just shipped Vega to Finland and Germany this past week and I have a package on it's way to Belgium soon too.


I was the one who shipped Sydneyvegan's Vega to Australia too, so PM me if you'd like to get your hands on any.




P.S. great looking supps everyone!

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Wow, I noticed all the VEGA in the photos, which is awesome because I've been giving out free Vega on this site for years in thank-you packages for orders, etc.


Great stuff! I just mixed some up this morning and I'm drinking Vega twice a day now.


Anyway.........I'm going to have a Best Vega Display Contest on here.


Basically what we'll do is this:


You take photos of your Vega collection and post it online in a new thread. I'll select the best Vega Display or have people vote on it and the winner will receive over $100 in FREE Vega. So it's just a way for us to say "thank you" and hook you up with more products.


Thanks! Coming soon..............

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No photos, but the few things in my bodybuilding supplement cabinet are -


- Berry Vega, a necessary staple for me, now doing 5-6 scoops/day on heavy training days


- NitroFusion Multi-Source Protein in chocolate (which we'll be selling soon, my 2nd favorite choice next to Vega)


- Vega EFA Oil, which is in the fridge but goes into my smoothies every day or two


- 16 oz. Vitamineral Green jar, which goes into my smoothies every time


- The remnants of some old Optimum Nutrition Creatine/Glutamine/Taurine powder that I haven't taken in at least 8 months


- A handful of assorted Veganique packets, which I use when my Vega runs out and I'm in a pinch


Aside from that, it's just a bunch of other stuff I take for general health and my eye condition, such as DEVA Omega-3 capsules, pycnogenol, Ultimate Eye Formula, V-Pure DHA/EPA, green tea tablets and ChlorEssence.


Aside from some protein powder and smoothies, I don't bother to use a lot of anything else. May go back to using some creatine again after the summer when I'll be adding more weight, but for now, I'm staying away from the bloat and keeping it simple!

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