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What does your kitchen look like?


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I don't have any food in this one. I know we've had similar posts in the past filled with food.


What else do you have?


Lately I've been using this part of the kitchen:


I'm using blenders everyday (thanks to Josh's visit), I'm cooking/preparing my own food which is totally abnormal, but I'm doing it.


davidtarrfoster and mishe are always making food, pretty much everyday so I get to enjoy lots of goodies!



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I actually don't think it looks very clean! I have some pots on the stove, and cups near the blenders and some recycling piled up in the corner


I'm cleaning house the next couple of weeks so I'll get some organization in my life


True To dat Rob.

It looked a lot cleaner when I was over last

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My kitchen is ugly. It does have quite a bit of counter and storage space, but is configured stupidly and the cupboards are re-faced in hideous fake wood sticker stuff.


As for appliances, I have two of these:




One of these:




One of these:




One of these (in black):




I'm a bit of a small appliance whore.


In addition to a fridge and stove we also have a 13 cu. ft. upright freezer, and we are buying a dishwasher soon.

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Our kitchen (I live with 5 other people, that explains the size of it):






Also, notice the huge amount of soy protein and creatine in the first pic.

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