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Hi, I've been lurking here for a while


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Hello everyone!


I've been lurking on these forums for many months and finally decided to join and post.


I've been vegan for about ten years now but was never really interested in fitness my whole life. Shortly before I was about to get married, I realized I was a tad overweight and decided to start elliptical exercising to lose it. I'm just over 6' and went from 191 lbs on Jan 25 2006 to 174 lbs on Mar 24 2006. I continued to do cardio and got to a low of 163 in Feb 07 but my interest slowly turned into strength.


Since maybe late 2006 I just putted around the gym, following friends who really didn't know what they were doing (workouts were filled with too many "back and bi's" isolation days). I started making my own schedule that included squats ("what are those?") but still included a lot of questionable exercises like lateral pull-downs.


At the very beginning of August 2007 I started using the madcow variation of Bill Starr's 5x5 workout routine. At that time, I was doing:

Squat 130

Bench 120

Row (upright) 70

Press (military) 50

Deadlift 120


Nowadays thats:

Squat 245

Bench 165

Row (pendlay) 122.5

Press 120

Deadlift 270


These are all 3 rep maxes. For reference I'm a 26 year old male and currently around 175 lbs.


I'm really happy with my progress but I'm starting to plateau. Bench has always been weak for me and the military presses are coming much slower than before. I've recently switched to Pendlay rows so I'm still working on form there. And I'm starting to regularly fail at my squats (I'll get one or two reps out, then can't get up the next one.) So, while the 5x5 has done wonders, it's time for a change-up.


This intro is getting a lot longer than planned so I'm going to cut it short now. But I'm happy to start posting and hope to learn a lot here.



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