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08 training log

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Goals- Loose fat, gain muscle, don't hurt myself


Nutrition- Lots and lots of grains and legumes with loads and loads of fresh veggies and fruit. Farmer's market raids will become routine as the warm weather rolls in later this year...



Friday- Upper body day


Had a light day lifting, getting back into the swing of things after a few months off.


Bench [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Triceps pulldown, [email protected], [email protected]

Curls- [email protected]


Nice and light.


Sunday- Cardio


30 minutes of HIIT on bike.


Routine looks like this....


Monday- Squats

Tuesday- Cardio

Wednesday- Back/shoulders

Thursday- Possible cardio day but more than likely a rest day

Friday- Chest/arms

Saturday- Cardio

Sunday- REST!


Rinse repeat. Probably am going to invest in some BCAAs and then start cycling creatine this summer. Gotta talk to my friends back at home and see if they want to all join the same gym over summer.

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It took my awhile. I had to get my shit together again.


The gym isn't open today because of MLK day. They use student workers in the weight room to supervise so unfortunately legs are going to have to wait until tomorrow. I may just use the bikes in my apartment complex. They have some nice cardio equipment downstairs beneath their office. I need to move my body.

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Well after a week of trying to workout AND take 18 credit hours I've decided to do all of my lifting on weekends. It's the only free time I have. I will let you all know how it goes.


Now all my cardio will be done on weekday nights at 9 o'clock. Wish the damn weight room was open then....



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