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My Favorite Skinny Bitch


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Skinny Bitch Author Rory Freedman was in town last week for a book signing. Jessifly, SpeakLow and I went to join 100+ others for the brief talk and book signing.


As some of you know, Skinny Bitch is the best selling Vegan book in history with more than 850,000 copies sold to date. It also spent 5 weeks on the New York Times best seller list at #1 and 28 weeks on their best seller list overall.


Here are a few pics of Me with the Skinny Bitch herself, Rory Freedman.







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she's kinda' hot

i know it's only january, but that might be the underexageration of the year


Yeah... I think she looks kind of like Meadow from the Sopranos (Jamie Lynn Sigler).



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Is it just a coincidence that Robert is posing in front of the shelf for relationship self help books?


.... don't tase me bro


hahahaha, perfect! What an ideal place for me to stand


Yeah, she is pretty awesome from what I can tell. I really enjoyed listening to her talk. She's super funny too. She also motivated me more to accomplish certain things and finish more projects.

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